About Band of Badgers Presents


moi 2Come with me now on this wonderful journey through time & space….to the weird and wonderful world of….quality music. Okay there may not be any actual time travel but I’ll do my best for you. You just need to read on because if you don’t how will you ever know you didn’t miss something vitally important for your continued existence. Expect temporal anomalies, spacial distortions & don’t be alarmed if you see a badger playing banjo. That will just be Valerie, the wisest badger in the west who can find solutions to almost any problem. He will then sing the solution to you whilst playing out a tune on his banjo. Just be grateful you’re not seeing an elephant ski because if you are then it is already way too late. Sit back, relax and let the music play….

Band Of Badgers Presents is a music blog with one simple mission. To bring together some of the best quality indie (mostly) music out in the world today. All here, for your browsing ease. There will also be plenty of FREE music from many of the artists who are striving to get themselves and their music heard. While I have recently discovered a huge amount of local talent I will be following up this year, I do cast my net out far and wide. I pride myself on covering national and international bands and artists too. I don’t limit things with genre, either.

I started my journey through the blogosphere in January 2012 and the internet hasn’t got rid of me yet. Things have just snowballed thanks to you wonderful people of the world. All of my previous posts on my original blog you can check out at I urge you do because there is so much great music contained therein, including my 14 podcasts which I will be continuing on this new website.

I’m afraid the blog itself has come to an end. I will however, still be working to blog the podcasts I have left. 

Thank you for visiting my website, it is hugely appreciated. Please show some love & share galore.


7 thoughts on “About Band of Badgers Presents

  1. GG75 says:

    Hi Rob ,

    Just writing to offer you the opportunity to download my entire debut ( 11 tracks ) album for free at

    Hoping you enjoy my music and feel free to share it with your friends.

    Keep-up the great work with your blog! Best wishes to you , GG75

  2. Jason says:

    hi Rob

    I have a new release (out later this month) that I wanted to share with you, here is a stream / download for the lead track whenever you have a moment to give a listen:

    and if you want to email me directly, I’ll be happy to provide you with a full download for the LP

    kind regards, thanks for all you do for indie music bud

  3. Paul mcclure says:


    Here’s the link to my new ep

    I think you e had everything else I’ve made…!

    Hope you’re well,

    All the best, Paul

    • Rob Powell says:

      Hey Paul,

      Thanks for the link, I’ll check this out ASAP. I’d already playlisted you on my NNBC radio show for next Friday, in the second hour 9-10pm 🙂

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