Band of Badgers Presents…Podcast #65

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December 4, 2017 by Robb Powell


Opening with some sharp and rather excellent spoken word/hip hop from Jack By Accident fresh from SXSW. Sticking with hip hop/rap, the first of two superb tracks from Room 94‘s 3rd album (4th one OUT NOW) offers their kickass signature alternative rock for the chorus, the second track being wholly rock.

EARGASM ALERT then with AWESOME new singles from Fort Hope and The Phantoms before heading to Nova Scotia for some magnificent prog rock from Shadow of Everest. 30 Seconds To Mars whip up a Hurricane from their 3rd album This Is War before we scoot off Down Under for pure delight from Why We Run.

Then, another upcoming new single (1st Apr ’16) frm Peter James Millson‘s upcoming album The Red Cafe (23rd May ’16) before Lucas Hardy gives us a beautiful Melody and Vanessa Forero takes us to Heaven with a stunning song from her upcoming EP. Down to London for Joey by the enigmatic Emily Capell before The Levellers bring their b-sides/rarities feature to a close with The Lowlands of Holland.


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