Band of Badgers Presents…Podcast #59

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October 29, 2017 by Robb Powell

Absolutely LOADSA great new music on show #59 (early 2016), kicking off with a stonking alternative rock double from Highlives & Room 94. Some melodious metal, with killer riffs from Awake By Design before Syd Arthur buffer us into the realms beyond with their unique and perfect progrock.

Recent new single Luxembourg from Burkini Beach plays next before a lamentation from Dry The River after their disbanding, beautiful final EP though. Brace thyself to be fully and totally hypnotised by the sensational vocals of The Vampire Diaries actor Michael Malarkey.

There’s a synthsational synth spectacular from Moondragon before Love + War share their Monument, followed by Steve Benjamins’ new free download Restless Wind. Fresh from his November EP is Guy Valarino before another track from Paul McClure‘s new album Songs For Anyone (get to Sticking with Paul for his magnificent cover of Dylan’s Masters of War before Flight of the Conchords play out with Bowie’s In Space.




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