Band of Badgers Presents…The Music Scout Ep.1 Pt.2 – Is Rock Dead?

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March 21, 2017 by Robb Powell

Welcome to the concluding part of the first discussion between Band of Badgers and The Music Scout. This will be an ongoing podcast where we take topics of interest being talked about in the music industry, giving our own personal views.

This first episode looks at the powerful question that seems to rear its head quite often, ‘Is Rock Dead?’

Make sure you catch up with part 1 of the discussion via >>The Music Scout podcast<< where Lewis introduces and hosts, then come hit play on part 2 to hear where we continue and end our chat.

If you are indeed here after listening to part 1, a warm welcome to you. Get comfy and subscribe because as the two of us proved, we have a heck of a lot about music to talk about.

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