FEATURE: BBC Radio 6 Music at Fifteen: Still Flying the Flag

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March 11, 2017 by Robb Powell

This is a wonderful love letter of appreciation for THE best radio station in existence. Sam captures what we love about 6 perfectly.




BBC Radio 6 Music at Fifteen:


 Image result for 6 music studio


Still Flying the Flag


TODAY is, rather inexplicably, the fifteenth birthday…

Image result for cerys matthews 6 music

IN THIS PHOTO: Cerys Matthews

of BBC Radio 6 Music. I say ‘inexplicably’ because, a few years back, the station was threatened with closure. As part of budget cuts – or lower ratings – the ‘logical’ thing would have been to look around and slash the salaries of the big men in management. Instead, the infinite wisdom of the BBC decided it would be best to put ‘6 Music on its scrapheap. Had it have ended, there would have been a huge outcry: the station’s faithful are a very loyal and passionate bunch. I am among them and could not imagine my days without the station. In honour of its birthday, the station is asking people to name their favourite memories; those artists they discovered through…

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