Band of Badgers Presents…Podcast #53

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March 7, 2017 by Robb Powell

Let’s crack on with blogging the podcasts. The next in series 4 is show #53.



This upload was 7th in the Acoustic chart , 13th in the Indie Rock chart and 32nd in the Folk chart .

Returning to the podcast, a song from Nick Edward Harris‘s stunning debut album The Tall Trees kicks things off before something supremely special & deliciously sublime from Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis McTie. Then it’s a live track from the busy Narrow Plains boys before Andy Ruddy astounds us with a delightful song from debut full release Everything Is In Order.

A new feature begins sharing songs from The Boxer Rebellion, this time from debut album Exits before a more local band Luna Rosa get us into a Fever that Hull’s Age of Atlas rock out of us by Impersonating A Dead Acrobat.

Classics Corner goes back to the mid 90s with Seal while one of the latest Blues From The Herts Vol 2 artists stuns us with some acoustic, lyrical and vocal magic. This show’s Land of Hope & Fury protest album track comes from Lucy Ward & I finally get to play something from Mr Steve Pledger. Closing is a breathtaking stunner from Tamer Animals by Other Lives.


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