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March 4, 2017 by Robb Powell

Band of Badgers Presents

rbs 2.jpgI was deeply saddened last monthto learn the news that Stevie Martin aka Rainy Boy Sleephad left us. The strange thing is just a week before I learned this he had popped into my mind after what had been a little while. As comes naturally to me with a lot of musicians and bands I’ve encountered over the years but perhaps begin to lose track of somewhat (the number of them to keep tabs on is a little on the colossal side), I wanted to investigate what he was up to lately. Checking Twitter I found Rainy Boy Sleep was no longer a registered user. At first this did not concern me as people often remove themselves from the glare of social media, be it temporarily or permanently. I, myself often contemplate it but with using Twitter to keep abreast of new music, and also with numerous online friends…

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