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September 11, 2016 by Robb Powell


It’s from gig #5 of last year’s #Gigtober, Editors who kicked off the marvellous music packed into show #51 with a song from album #3 In This Light & On This Evening. It’s Noisetrade to thank for the EP from Thatcher, a song from which gets a spin before All The King’s Men leave behind the horses and share some damn fine guitar riffs on a song from their Making My Escape EP.

Song 4of5 from Lifehouse is a gentle affair from album #4, Who We Are before Manwomanchild‘s latest single, the awesome Return To Ithaca. Chicago-based Sedgewick have an EP out called Gardens which well and truly lifted my mood, so a song from that features before Frances Luke Accord woo us with In The Water.

The fantastic Folkstock feature continues with songs from Kaity Rae and Minnie Birch whereas this show’s Land of Hope & Fury track comes from Will Varley. Closing the show is a triple from The Levellers, marking the 20th anniversary of their fourth album Zeitgeist.


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