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September 3, 2016 by Robb Powell


It has been a little while again hasn’t it? Humble apologies but I am currently still on a bit of a summer break from the podcasts for RadioKC and have so many things on the go that, as I have mentioned many times before I no longer have much time to blog about music. This pains me! The pain is actually quite excruciating because well, anyone who has read the blog, listened to my shows and knows even the smallest thing about me knows just how much I love sharing and writing about music. It is a huge passion! Admittedly, while on my break I am still training at the local hospital radio station, have applied to volunteer a show for a brand new local community radio station AND have also just begun another course while whizzing through numerous books (recently my second Murakami, Norwegian Wood while currently speeding through The Collected Letters of Neal Cassady with a re-read of George Martin’s (let’s drop the R R now, come on) A Storm of Swords (The Red Wedding a second time *cries* *sobs*) to follow and more. Add to this binge-watching the first three seasons of Arrow (the second in just two days no less – that was verging on overdose but the good kind), the first of The Flash and also Versailles. Ooh, plus the roadtrip through Wales before some more time off from the day job taking in this year’s Beautiful Days Festival followed immediately by a few days in ever-magnificent Brighton then Brumtown for a family weekend! Busy, busy, busy. Like the fog in Cisco. Or San Fran, if you prefer. So….yeah…

I was monumentally gutted to end up missing what was only ever going to be a fantabulous and awesome gig The Witch Kids performed at The Brunswick in Hove/Brighton on the Friday I left the place. I was going to try stay another night and had I not had my head in the clouds and been more organised about matters I should have known they were gigging that night and thus would have duly booked that extra night’s stay so we could catch up over some beers afterwards! After watching a live stream Manny and Ben did while they were guests on one of their local radio stations a few weeks ago I said they really ought to put out some YouTube videos because the pair are a source of constant hilarity (in addition to the lashings of musical and production talent they exude in tsunami-sized waves). It appears they were already well and truly on this and were in the process of putting together the above update on all things coming at ya from The Witch Kids. Remember kids, if you don’t get on board with the magnificent output from these guys then they will turn you into a mammoth-sized rancid puss-filled boil ready to pop. You have been warned. Again. Heed this warning and do your lives a favour by getting their music in it right this instant. 

In fact, I am sharing the magnificent video for their OUTSTANDING single I Ain’t Buyin yet again because quite frankly you can never see or hear it enough. Hit play NOW (above) before you hit play on the show (more above – top of page)! Oh, AND MAKE SURE YOU GO BUY IT as well. Thankings. 

Anywho, now I’ve got all that out let’s say nuff said and crack on with blogging the next podcast in line. Before the earth-shattering, dimension-ripping terribly devastating news hit us in January about the death of THE MUSIC LEGEND Mr David Bowie, I stole the Bowie Triple idea from Paul O Grady’s BBC Radio 2 Sunday evening show to open my 50th podcast (I’m currently working up to show #80 by the way and the start of series 5 so ears and eyes peeled *ouch* for new shows coming VERY SOON). This was a few months before January but even now, all these months later into the year my mind still can’t seem to hold on to the fact that Bowie really is no longer with us. I play his music and relive the news again. Every. Single. Time. It is wounding isn’t it? What an awful year we’re having for these kinds of deaths. The latest is Gene Wilder. Can you just all stop dying please! The Badgers command it! 

Finally, back to the show (I do hope you’ve already hit play on in the Mixcloud widget above) and after the Bowie triple it is back to Indieville with a cracking tune from Scarlett Parade from their Wildwoods EP followed by a banging new single from Buxton’s The Indieannas.

To my homely Midlands for the title track from Under A Banner‘s album Close To The Clouds (do check out their more recent Victory EP too AND you can now pre-order their upcoming NEW album The Wild Places below) before song 3of5 from Lifehouse, this time from the third self-titled album. There’s another song from Villagers, this time from last year’s Darling Arithmetic before a brand new song from the Rutland Troubadour Paul McClure who released new album Songs For Anyone back in January.

More new news (at the time) follow from The Black Feathers, before the Folkstock compilation feature brings us songs from Zoe Wren & Kelly Oliver. Closing proceedings is the always outstanding & flawless Mr Luke Jackson with his song from the Land of Hope And Fury protest album.


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