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June 8, 2016 by Robb Powell


Time to blog another older podcast, this time #49 which first pays homage to what I termed my #Gigtober as I had a month chocked full of live music that was incredible!

Kicking off #Gigtober in such style I couldn’t resist playing another song from Tom McRae‘s (& The Standing Band) latest album Did I Sleep & Miss The Border followed by a song from the awesome Brian Wright. Brian is himself a solo artist and provided support at that gig but he is also a member of Tom’s Standing Band.

A further link to track 3 on the playlist is that cellist Oli Krauss (also of said Standing Band and long time collaborator with Tom) played on Beth Orton‘s album Trailer Park. I did go see Beth in 1999/2000 and seriously need to get back on that. She’s touring this year but not near enough to me, sadly.

Then, two songs from the superb new album from One Cure For Man before song 2of5 from US band Lifehouse.

The first of two tracks (2nd on podcast #50) from Villagers shares one from 2013’s Awayland before the enchanting US band Other Lives take you to a whole other place with a song from their debut album.

Sarah McLachlan provides a welcome blast from the past before a live gem from Kenneth J Nash & Fran Taylor from recent EP Live at the Old Hotel.

Fabulous Folkstock provide a song from the wonderful Daria Kulesh, from a forthcoming compilation album, from which I’ll be playing more over next few shows. Those marvellous Moulettes play us out with Lullaby from the Land of Hope & Fury protest compilation album.


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