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May 26, 2016 by Robb Powell

Band of BADGERS PRESENTS PLAYLIST PODCAST 48 PROMO.jpgApologies for a bit of a gap. I have had to make a final decision to retire the blog. I just do not have enough spare hours in the days. Especially with the podcasts too. I had so many posts still planned. So many features I had only even just begun that I would love nothing more than to continue with BUT, I also need time to live. The blog will not disappear entirely as I do still like to use it to publish the podcasts. In addition to uploading to the Mixcloud page, I mean. And so let’s get back to bringing the podcasts up to date and have a looksy at and a listensy to what graced the playlist of #48, the second podcast of the current long-running series 4:

Opening the show was the title track from Zurich‘s outstanding new EP Small Wars, followed by US alternative rock band Yellow Ostrich before the first in an ongoing series of tracks to come from US band Lifehouse (starting with debut album No Name Face here).

Then comes a song from the new (at the time) album by the Oliver twins, Brit Royal, before Manuel Martinez woos and transfixes with some of his amazing and highly prolific songwriting skills, this time from his solo material (prior to the formation of The Witch Kids).

A recent find on Soundcloud comes next thanks to Jimi Mack. Then two songs from the awesome Stornoway, the first from recent new (at the time) album Bonxie, then from new EP Bonxie Unplucked.

Then comes another three sublime tracks from Ange Hardy‘s album Esteesee (including Kubla Khan featuring Tamsin Rosewell) before the folk continues with a song from Lew Bear‘s album A Time And A Place. Closing the show is a reworking of The Levellers protest song No Change by Mr Mark Leveller himself, Mark Chadwick – as featured on last year’s Union Music Store‘s Land of Hope & Fury protest album. This marked the beginning of another ongoing feature where I played a different track from this album over about 8 shows.


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