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May 11, 2016 by Robb Powell


The end of September 2015 saw series 4 of the podcasts begin (and it is currently still going with roughly 5 shows remaining before I take another break).

First in a brand new 4th series of podcasts saw the insanely talented Mr Kim Churchill open with two stunning tracks from his most recent album Silence/Win. I picked this record up while seeing the main man himself play his million instruments up on the Main Stage at last year’s Beautiful Days festival. A lovely Merch Man was working the crowds so glad I nabbed one at the time. 

Then comes the enigmatic Officer with the beautiful One Day from his debut album Myriads before Jack Carty astounds with a moving song from his last record Esk. You should be buying ALL these albums, folks.

Further on the journey round the globe is a song from the (then) new Static In Verona album, recent (again, at the time) singles from Julie Lamb & Rainy Boy Sleep before a classic from Seattle’s Band of Horses.

Then it was folky time with two tremendous tracks from Ange Hardy‘s new (at the time) album Esteesee which is all about the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (and a MUST buy!) & the wonderful opening track from Gilmore & Roberts‘ last record Conflict Tourism.

Rounding things off is a little tribute to the greatest song in the world (which sounds nothing like this one, though of course for it is just a tribuuuuuute).



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