May 9, 2016 by Robb Powell



bloodflowerIt feels like only yesterday I was getting the phenomenal music of the debut Noise EP by Bloodflower in my ears. If you’ve not heard that one, check out my words >>here<< and get it NOW. Well, in a moment after checking out the latest release. Kicking off the latest #MusicMonday picks this week is the BRAND NEW Piano Songs EP. Bloodflower are on the ascent. They have been on the ascent ever since getting together and seeing what music resulted from their collaborative excellence.

Piano Songs is yet another cast-iron strong and hugely enjoyable collection of tracks that whisks you off on time travelling mind-expanding adventures leaving you just the right kind of exhausted come the end. Jonnie Owen and Tom Manning work their magnificent magic once more and have produced a sound that intoxicates to the point you just want to overdose on it. A sound that enters through your ears and then just explodes inside your mind! You can hear and appreciate the progression that has resulted from their continued creative partnership. Silence is my Song of the Week this week but as with Low last week by Broken Witt Rebels, it really does extend to EP of the Week also. All four songs have their own unique impact and closing track Cannibals is such a stunner it will leave you actually salivating for more. It is onwards and upwards for this duo. They deserve to be picked up and accelerated into stardom! Now please!







ben abe 2.jpg

I have a Band of Badgers Noisetrade music podcast special coming up in a few weeks (potentially Wednesday 25th May >>RadioKC<<). I have almost narrowed down my final playlist for that show but while I have been working on that and others, Ben Abraham has gone and released this little beauty via the terrific music sharing website I have mentioned previously, Noisetrade. I have discovered no end of amazing music from bands and musicians the world over via Noisetrade over the last few years. It is a valuable resource. And FREE! Yes, you read that correctly. It is all pretty much free downloads. You can leave a tip of course and should where you can. The main idea, I believe though, is to expose the music to people for free, people who enjoy it will go on to follow the band/musician and obviously make purchases in the future. That’s what I’ve done myself. 

I’d already kind of contributed to Ben Abraham in a way. I saw him play live supporting Other Lives (incidentally who I also first discovered via Noisetrade) and that was an incredible performance. Then I bought a single to play on a podcast a while back. Ben Abraham‘s marvellous music certainly comes with the Band of Badgers stamp of excellence. He is class! Debut album Sirens should be out in the UK next month so grab this little >>FREE Noisetrade<< collection and you will want to be buying this album!




sedgewick band

Just a quickie on this for the moment. Please do go check out this awesome band from Chicago. Dream Folk, I mean who does not want some dream folk in their lives? Your lives will become infinitely better almost immediately as the music enters your mind through your soon to be very thankful ears!

Seriously though, Sedgewick are embarking on a massive project here to release their full-length debut album. So let’s help them along the way by contributing so that our lives can be made so much better by their incredible musical creative pursuits. I have heard a track from this planned record and I have to say, it is sounding SUPERB! There is something very progressive coming out of Chicago from Sedgewick and I NEED this album.

sedgewickband.jpg Photo by[/caption%5D


5/11 I 8pm I Township I Chicago, IL

5/13 | 9pm | Riviera Theatre | Three Rivers, MI

5/14 | 9pm | The Blind Pig | Ann Arbor, MI

5/15 | 6pm | Cultivate Coffee and Tap House | Ypsilanti, MI

5/16 | 7pm | The Brick | South Bend, IN

5/19 | Gauranteed Raw Radio | Pleasant Prairie, WI

5/20 | 9pm | Var Gallery | Milwaukee, WI

5/21 | 8pm | Crescendo Espresso Bar | Madison, WI

5/22 | House Show | Madison, WI

5/24 | 12 pm | River Music Experience | Davenport, IA

5/25 | 8pm | Baked | Galesburg, IL

5/27 | 10pm | The Comet | Cincinnati, OH

5/28 | 9pm | Rumba Cafe | Columbus, OH

There’s also FREE music from Sedgewick available, their Gardens EP up at bandcamp:




the oh hellos.jpg

The Oh Hellos are one of those I can’t quite remember how I came to. This is a common occurrence with how much music there is flying at me from all directions, as I’ve mentioned before and say regularly on the podcast. In fact, I believe it was for the podcast I played them first (show #52 >>here<<). Anyway, I was not expecting them to be announced in the latest line-up for this year’s Beautiful Days festival. I am so stoked that I will now get to see this eclectic folk rock outfit consisting of ‘intentionally independent self-produced music making siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath from the great State of Texas’. 


In fact, while over here for Beautiful Days they will also be performing at Bush Hall and Green Man festival too. On Podcast #52 I played Dear Wormwood, the title track of their latest release. It is an absolute stunner as is the entire record. Their music is a breath of fresh air. Just check it out right now. I am so excited to be experiencing this live in August!!!




These are a brand new one to me thanks to a suggestion from an old school friend. I must say, she was right that I would love their music. It is something rather arresting and yet in a relaxed kind of way. Perfect! Under Genre on their Facebook bio they state ‘Whatever we want but probably Indie Folk Blues‘. I like this. They, quite rightly, don’t wish to be bound by a specific label or genre and why should they have to be?

You can hear the funk of the blues rock on Cats and Dogs above. There are heavy tones of pure rock n roll that I am hearing a fair bit of with new bands at the moment too. I am liking this a lot! The way these guys mix in a unique contemporary flavour to the mix is what is important and the thing that hooks you to the sound. Further cementing the fact these guys are the business, I note their recent supports for the legends The Who on their last UK arena tour (and at British Summertime Festival, Hyde Park). Not only this, but they also supported a string of dates on The Bluetones‘ 20th anniversary tour. 

New album Long Lost Love is OUT NOW




There is so much creative energy and collaborative activity coming out of the Jam Factory at present I’m pretty sure you can see this hive of activity from deep space. The regular updates are awesome to follow and here is a brand new mixtape of beats Jack By Accident released into the Universe just a few days ago. 

Using a sample pack for the Live From The Streets Beat Contest, Jack has worked with fellow Jam Factory producers (MTNK, Soul Callum & Crazy 8) to create four immersive, mind-expanding and aurally infectious tracks. There are elements to the music here where one’s mind really does connect with something on a much deeper level through what is being heard. This is one of the many points of the whole creative pursuit and I’m really looking forward to hearing more music from the Jam Factory in the coming weeks and months.





This latest new song from Steve Benjamins literally just dropped while I have been writing this post so thought it only right to include it here, briefly. Another fantastic tune from Steve here, something very different which I love. Go check out his previous releases via his website:




Just in case you missed my previous posts about this INCREDIBLE tune of a song. If you did, go read this >>one<< BUT more importantly hit PLAY above on this video. See Manny be a bit of a tart (apparently) and Ben’s drumface. Let’s get this vid well up beyond the 4k views mark this week! Love it. Share it. Spread the word and the love.



If you’re reading this before the above date/time then make sure you come enjoy my latest music podcast @RadioKC. If you miss this, it will be repeated from 9PM Wednesday 18th May. Be there! Thankings. 



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  1. […] is not a cheat, exactly. I did mention on yesterday’s #MusicMonday post that the opening track from Bloodflower‘s NEW Piano Songs EP was this week’s Song […]

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