SONG OF THE WEEK – LOW by Broken Witt Rebels


May 3, 2016 by Robb Powell

broken witt.jpgThe brand spanking new Georgia Pine EP by Broken Witt Rebels snuck right up on me & slipped on to the scene before I’d had chance to catch my breath and get it on any of my lists. After being totally blown away by the ferocious force of the debut EP, Howlin’ including that sensational stonker of a tune Shake Me Down it was only a matter of time before these Birmingham boys cranked it up even further and continued on their pre-destined ascent to the BIG TIME!

I mean, just hit play on the opening track Low from Georgia Pine and you get soaked to the bone with kickass style and substance! Those gloriously heavy blues-tinged sounds make everything else in your life disappear in an instant. You are shaken awake! You are locked in and on to these tremendously talented chaps doing what they were born to do. This becomes abundantly clear from even just the hint and anticipation of the first note.

The rampant riffs and exquisite guitar work from James Tranter take my music loving mind on the ride of a lifetime. Get on board and enjoy the ride yourselves. The whole package from this awesome foursome is beyond perfect! There’s a true hypnotic edge to the smoothness of Danny Core‘s lead vocals. His, is a rock n roll voice that needs to be heard. Oh and it will be heard. In every corner of the land!

The band posted this on Facebook last week:

Dear 2016

We are going to knock your front and back door down!

Tell your mother.

To which I replied that with the force these guys are whippin’ up they are going to blow your WHOLE house down. Heck, they are going to blow ALL the houses down! And I’m rather excited about this carnage. UP THE REBELS!

Even though this is a Song of the Week post – you really MUST go grab the entire Georgia Pine EP. You will thank me. You’re welcome. 


One thought on “SONG OF THE WEEK – LOW by Broken Witt Rebels

  1. […] away any of those cobwebs in your mind, lingreing around from your manic Monday. As I said with the Broken Witt Rebels last week, I urge you to go check out the whole EP because this Song of the Week is going to leave […]

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