April 26, 2016 by Robb Powell

I feel incredibly privileged to have been able to enjoy this magnificent song for a few months already. I was so enthused and excited by the insane quality of I Ain’t Buyin that I scrambled it on to a podcast playlist so fast it hardly had any time to settle into my inbox, or on my music player. Such is the way when a track comes to me so perfect and so accomplished, filled to the brim with the talent of its creators. There is an instant NEED to share it with everyone. Get it out there. Spread the word. But then came the release of the debut EP II by The Witch Kids and I realised I perhaps jumped the gun, sharing what Manny and Ben had planned to hold back for the masses. Whet the appetites for your insatiable hunger for such awesomeness to then feed you on this banquet a little bit later!

The II EP itself sets the bar very high indeed (read my words >>here<<) but this new single raises it to levels that are beyond mere mortal comprehension. You may well get vertigo looking back down as it takes you off on yet another white-knuckle musical thrill-ride of a lifetime. The opening quite literally zhoooooooooms right at you with the speed of a Force 50 wind but then grabs on tight zipping you off on its adventure. Those contagiously infectious beats and bops are back but they are even more infectious than before. I’m talking global pandemic here not a self-contained outbreak! It has me up out my seat, moving and dancing around no matter where I am. You’d think odd looks might be thrown my way but then the marvellous music fills ears of the onlookers and before they can sing ‘Who do we turn to now?’ they have joined me in my danceathon. We are doing full on synchronised dance routines as we take up the role of the backing choir. Such is the magic at work.

Oh yes! The luscious layers introduced with the II EP are back with even more style, more substance – and they were never exactly lacking in either. The foundations this track is built on are so strong it would take a nuclear holocaust to even so much as shake it. And even then it would still be standing. The intricacies packed in! And again, that choir. So perfectly placed, never overused but filling you with a sense of complete and utter oneness with the whole theme of the song. Make sure you hit play on the wonderfully shot video for the song too, at the top of the page. Not only this, though but two delicious added extras if you buy the entire single. This you simply MUST do. A stunning alternative mix featuring some profound and brilliant lyrics from J. Solomon as well as an instrumental version. 

I Ain’t Buyin is a monumentally infectious tune of exquisiteness! There’s no way I Ain’t NOT Buyin’, I Ain’t Buyin. Join with me, come BUY IT NOW:

iTunes >>here<<



One thought on “SONG OF THE WEEK – I AIN’T BUYIN by The Witch Kids

  1. […] you missed my previous posts about this INCREDIBLE tune of a song. If you did, go read this >>one<< BUT more importantly hit PLAY above on this video. See Manny be a bit of a tart […]

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