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April 25, 2016 by Robb Powell

These Mondays swing round so quick I’m often left feeling a little dizzy to be honest. Ooh, that conjures up that classic madness that was Dizzy by Vic Reeves and The Wonderstuff. You know, I would have known this at the time (although I was only 11), but the fact the band behind this song along with Vic Reeves was actually The Wonderstuff, had completely disappeared from my internal ‘music facts’ library. What this means for the music pub quiz team I am not a part of, I do not know. Anywho, I digress (must be Monday) so let’s shine the spotlight on the latest #MUISICMONDAY picks from those music loving Band of Badgers (aka, moi – some may call this a kind of multiple personality disorder but it is badgers so it’s all okay. So the men in white coats tell me anyway). 



richard lomax

Photo by Shay Rowan

I rather quite love the label psych-folk. But forget labels and immerse yourself in the incredible talents of a force to be reckoned with, Richard Lomax. Richard’s music is brand spanking new to me thanks to the lovely folk at Never Enough Press. I played the song Butterflies on my last music podcast (check that out >>here<<) but as I was putting together that show I received another email about the single Weapons of Mass Destruction


The video for this song never sits still. There is no rest or let up. Just like the song, then and it is thus a perfect visual representation to accompany the audio. Richard delves into the very depths of the brain and mind producing lyrics that could very well be used to help explain the science of it all. The battle between heart and mind via chemicals and what it all could mean for what we think might be love but turns out to be little more than lust, instantaneous or otherwise. It is about how interactions and situations with other people cause the body itself to go into overdrive (or indeed its opposite, underdrive?), encouraging the mind to marry up with what some call the heart in choosing how to behave, or what to do. Or trying to refuse what either those chemicals are telling us or what our heart desires and thus a battle commences. It is sung with a unique and distinct vocal sound that has well and truly firmly embedded itself in my mind. My mind wants more. Lots more. Those chemicals are telling me thus! Just from hearing Butterflies first off I became instantly intoxicated by Richard’s voice and the seriously impressive style of his whole approach.

Get Weapons of Mass Destruction from iTunes >>here<< 

Or Spotify:




The talent that pours forth from Blair Dunlop is overwhelming. It is such a joy to hear and watch, be it recorded or live. Yet live is something way beyond magical. Those assured and perfect vocals take you places far away from the humdrum of the everyday. Married together with music so fine they set whole new levels for quality. 

Temper Your Smiling is a gorgeous treat and leaves me very excited about the upcoming album Gilded. Previous album House of Jacks was an absolute SMASH and I played that endlessly for a very long time. I do so, still. Easily one of the most talented young artists in the UK today, I have no doubt of any kind that Gilded will be raising the bar even higher than ever. Blair is currently out on tour in support of the new album, all I will say is you would be mad to miss out on this live!



This is another new band for me but what a sound they make! Here’s the most recent video for the song Hallways from the BATTLECRY EP. I honestly don’t think there could have been a more appropriate title for the EP, either. This is OUTSTANDING, BANGING ROCK at its utmost best! It doesn’t just blow away any cobwebs, it blows away ALL the cobwebs and crud cluttering the mind. In fact, it blows the brain clean out the skull, gives it a good battering returning it in a much better state. Thoughts are clear once more. 


Then there is Here Not Home which doesn’t begin with a banging battlecry but demonstrates nicely the calmer tones of Deadset Dream before it ramps it up somewhat further in. I don’t yet own Battlecry itself and for this I deserve nothing short of being flayed. Okay, perhaps a little harsh. One thing is certain – after hearing and being blown away by these two epic tunes I will be heading over to grab the EP pronto! If you like your contemporary slice of alternative rock go enjoy an exquisite gateaux courtesy of Deadset Dream

Grab the Battlecry  EP at >>iTunes<<, >>GooglePlay<< or listen at Spotify:



I can hardly keep up as Scatter is the second video to be released from The Anchor EP by Speaking In Shadows. This is yet more contemporary alternative rock that is way up there in terms of quality. Seriously some of the very best out on the scene today. Yes, a lot of what is out there is brilliant. It is superb stuff but the tightness and precision of the sounds coming from the shadows these guys cast and speak about (see what I did there?), well it gets all the right juices flowing. The musical juices, people! 


Capsized is the lead single, and the first song to be released from The Anchor EP. I’m sharing this one as well because, well, it plays out for itself really doesn’t it. AMAZING TUNE and a rather beautifully shot video. The song soars across the ocean waves! It is a few weeks away yet (as I seem to be so very organised with my playlists at present) but I will be playing Capsized on podcast #71. You should tune in EVERY Wednesday @RadioKC from 8PM of course, but hear Speaking In Shadows on my show Wednesday 18th May.

Buy The Anchor EP >>here<<.

From >>iTunes<<.

Or Spotify if that’s your thang…



A very short sharp debut song from Miloh in Someday. That is the intention here though, I believe. And I love how he sits down at the start, pops in the GameBoy game cartridge and has a quick game which largely becomes the video for what then seems to have been just a short break before it ends and he gets up to walk off again. The lyrics are very strong. Contemplative and advising without being patronising. Don’t live your life for others, don’t change but be yourself, embrace yourself and one day you’ll find that person who will be waiting just for you. For you, as you are. A very catchy and bouncy sound here too, I am thoroughly enjoying Someday. I’m looking forward to the upcoming debut album, OUT MAY 20th.






It is a wonderful foray into Sweden for another track from Stranded Mermaid. Oh, I do LOVE this band! Their sound is so enchanting I’m always left in a complete trance after listening to them. Scream From The Wilderness is another slice of musical and lyrical perfection. Want music that will take you on an epic adventure into the depths of your own mind, your own wilderness? Then hit play on some Stranded Mermaid. This song is from the imminent release of their Pagan Rituals EP, OUT APRIL 27th.





This is the latest track to feature the incredile talents of Luke Cusato. This is a really nice mind-expanding sound from Selva. And while the mind is expanding thanks to the epic sounds therein, it is also melting thanks to such stunning vocals from Luke. Enjoy!



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