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April 19, 2016 by Robb Powell

I have so many ideas for features I want to be running I’m going to be left with little to no time to actually write such posts, at this rate. So, #SoundCloudSunday has become a semi-regular and #MusicMonday Picks started up last week (another soon), how about Two Top Tunes For TuNesday? Or TuNesday Two? This may change, evolve or grow into something more. Or less. Perhaps it will cease even but I like the idea of taking two relatively new songs, be they SoundCloud, YouTube Videos, Spotify links, whatever – and bringing them to you in one quick neat post.


DREAMER *newsingle*

Up first to break in this newbie then is a newbie itself and Lovespeake are very new to me indeed. I was sent the details of this Norwegian band’s latest new single Dreamer, which was released on 15th April and I have rather fallen in love with its infectious electronica-pop sound. There’s a real nice breath of fresh air that blows over me as I listen to this track. It breathes some life into my tired mind after a long dull day at the ‘day job’ and dare I say it gets me in the mood to partayy! Now, that is preciely what I sometimes need from pop music when the night is young and there is still so much to be doing. Dreamer conjures up the masses of a sweet summer evening, rolls it all up together and showers you with its cool hip and happenin’ beats. It also leaves me quite excited about the sounds and songs to come on the debut album DNA – out this FRIDAY 22nd April. No wonder they are being considered as one of the most promising new pop acts to come out of Norway. This is one for you to check out this week, just in time for the album!




It is not easy to select just one track from Luna Kiss because I want to share all of those on their Gravity EP. And that’s just for starters. However, I have to at least follow my own rules and these posts are for single songs only. I’m playing Gravity on this week’s NEW Band of Badgers Presents podcast (from 8PM Wednesdays at RadioKC) but I am also playing Hart because quite frankly I am so in love with this song I cannot part with it. Not now. Not ever! It just pushes all the right buttons. And then some!! 

It is a tune that builds. Gently at first, with a delicate acoustic strumming of the melody before it begins to gather up more sounds. Prepare yourselves for approx. 01:38 in too because there is an explosion. It isn’t exactly a massive one and yet it is gigantic. It could move mountains. A subtle explosion yet highly explosive. I am well aware I may not be making much sense here but this is how I get when music so good renders me a babbling mess. It is a good thing. A good feeling. Anyway, at that aforementioned 01:38 explosive point, the goosebumps just attack and carry me through to the end. When I want it to begin all over again. TOP TOP TOP TOP TUNE! That said, all 4 tracks on the Gravity EP are OUTSTANDING so do yourselves a favour and go buy it NOW! Click >>here<< to grab it now.

If you’re in Birmingham or Nuneaton you can also catch Luna Kiss LIVE. Do it, it is the only way to ensure your life will be truly fulfilled!

Fri 29 Apr 19:00 Luna Kiss + Chemical Mojo + Open Arms + Rubio O2 Institute, Birmingham
Fri 27 May 19:00 Under The Influence + Fake The Attack + Luna Kiss Queens Hall (The Crew), Nuneaton



Okay, I may have mentioned following my own rules above but this live cover of the 28 Days Later Theme MUST be shared. Hit play & enjoy. This was my window into this band’s music, let it be yours as well. It is stunning. Yet more goosebumps!


Do come listen to my latest NEW music podcast @RadioKC ( Wednesday 20th April from 8PM where you will hear Gravity & Hart as well as a host of other fantastic songs from a range of musicians and bands. Or check it out at listen again:



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