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April 11, 2016 by Robb Powell

It’s Monday. There be Music. High time for a #MUSICMONDAY share then…let’s go! Here are just 5 bands/musicians for the moment who are exciting and titillating the musical parts of my brain and mind. The aim is to run this post more regularly but as always with the colossal amount of music, these are never exhaustive lists. In fact, merely a snippet of the overall mass of music I have on the go. Ooh, cheeky plug here too but you like the below? Then make sure you are tuned into RadioKC from 8PM this Wednesday evening (3PM EST / 12PM PST) for the premiere of my latest Band of Badgers Presents podcast.



With their Reflections EP due for imminent release, I admit I have only recently come across the tremendous music from this 4-piece alternative rock band from Gloucester. That rhyme from the days of Yore needs revising now that’s for sure.

Doctor Foster went to Gloucester in a shower of rain

He jumped over the puddle as he moshed to Elessar live

And he followed them wherever they went…

Okay, it isn’t exactly a rhyme any longer (and you can appreciate why I don’t write songs myself) but Doctor Foster demonstrated good sense and class for showing Elessar such huge love and dedication. Seriously, this music is mighty and it is brilliant. Go enjoy!






Kind of sticking with that Royal theme (if anyone does not know to what this refers then firstly, give yourself a hard slap and then go read some history – and if you’re confused with the ‘sticking with’ remark, Aragorn from Lord Of The Rings became King Elessar), supporting Elessar on some of the dates of the upcoming tour are Lady Jane’s Revenge. With favourable comparisons to the likes of Mallory Knox and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, such likenesses should never deflect from the originality of their own unique style and sound and what they bring to their music because it is class! Very impressive comparisons, nonetheless of course.








There seems to be no limit to the sensational musics coming at me from Down Under just lately. Husky are the latest and I thank Mark Brandt at Impressive PR for emailing me the details of this ‘dusty Australian folk-rock band‘. Ruckers Hill marks the band’s second album (I do love it when there is a first album for me to check out also) and is heading our way soon. Saint Joan, which you can enjoy by hitting play on the video below demonstrates the quality of the music and lyrics you can expect and enjoy on the album to come. 

I have been lucky enough to hear the album in full and can promise it is one you MUST add to your collections. There are some stunning harmonies that will make you feel like you’re in some kind of heaven. And that is just for starters! It is available for pre-order up at iTunes with a proposed release date of 6th May, click >>here<< for that. Other updates for release indicate 3rd June.

kim churchill uk




Staying Down Under for just a moment. Although not for long following a recent announcement that excites me hugely. The incredible and magnificent magical musician Kim Churchill is heading back to London for a live show at The Lexington, June 21st. I seriously have to get my affairs in order to ensure I do not miss out on this. You too! At last year’s Beautiful Days festival Kim absolutely well and truly blew the crowd away with a demonstration of multi-instrumentalism that left me out of breath. 

The skill and energy he puts into his music and performance is spellbinding. It surely must be magic to bring in a whole range of music and instruments to one song all by himself, more or less. Miss this marvellous man at your peril! If you are reading from over in that there US of A, you’ll not have to miss out either as Kim is supporting the equally incredible Nahko And Medicine for the People on their tour through April/May. Be there!

kim chruchill USA tour.jpg



This latest new ablum from Austin’s Shearwater, Jet Plane And Oxbow, is my current record playing on loop. I put the CD in the car and considering Velma (the Beetle) has a 6-CD playing capacity it seems to be endlessly repeating just this one CD. Even the car cannot get enough of the magic that is coming from the speakers. ‘Playing on loop’ is by no means restricted to the location of the CD, of course. On my phone, on the laptop – wherever I may be I will hit play on Jet Plane And Oxbow for at least one listen through each day, sometimes more when time allows. Heck, even when time does not allow this music needs to be in my ears. Here it is in full, streaming via YouTube courtesy of Sub Pop Records.

I have been a fan of this band since some point during 2008 when seeing the name reminded me of a character in a series of fantasy books by Steph Swainston I was reading at the time. For no other reason than this I was met with what until now has remained my favourite Shearwater album. That album was Rook, out that year so the reason it was the first I encountered. 

I proceeded to delve into more of their back catalogue and the albums that followed Rook, enjoying all before finally getting to experience the magic live in Brighton back in 2012. Live, they were astounding but I was never exactly expecting anything less. You can imagine my emotional turmoil and frustration then, when a bout of actual flu (influenza – and not just the regular manflu) rendered me abed and unable to get to a Shearwater show in February when they were touring this new album. I had been looking forward to this since immediately booking a ticket last October. The band are returning to Europe this summer and I am preying to my God, The Flying Spaghetti Monster – that another UK date is announced that will not be a part of a festival. As great as it is for them to be playing any and all UK festivals, my funds just won’t stretch. Donations welcome, by the way. Thank you please.

More #MusicMonday on another Monday soon. Meanwhile, please do come show some love to RadioKC and my music podcast, Wednesdays from 8PM at



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