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April 2, 2016 by Robb Powell

Now that all the podcasts ‘from the archives‘ (i.e. before 2015) have been blogged and that parallel timeline has been closed as it now meets the current one (ok, stick with me, I know it’s not exactly a timeline but did I mention I’m a geek?), it is time to crack on with getting up to date. It is a mammoth mission as I’ve just playlisted podcasts #66-#69 while I’m working on all those up to about #73 at present. So, to only be blogging #41, well I am still rather behind to be sure. I best cease with the waffle then.

Hit that play button for the (then, obviously) latest playlist of quality tuneage from Badgers HQ. Starting with an earworm I am thoroughly enjoying, the opening track from Toliesel‘s latest EP Wilderness Blues followed by some more awesome alternative rock from Panic Island & Lux Lisbon. Silvertin‘s free download is a monster mix of style and class before heading into the world of ambient-dance-pop type landscapes thanks to Steve Benjamins & lux lisbonIdle Hands. This time malarkey is crazy as I cannot believe it was so long ago I played these tracks from these guys. More from Steve Benjamins coming very soon. And from Lux Lisbon too. Oh, and if you’re in that there London Town DO NOT miss Lux Lisbon LIVE at SCALA on 21st April. Go grab them tickets right NOW >>here<<.

In the warm, cosy comfy folk & acoustic corner there’s a moving tale about a whale from Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman, a very moving song from the first Luke Jackson Trio EP & a new song from Folkstock‘s Kelly Oliver. Minnie Birch demonstrates her beautiful delicacy, while March To May share their Embers before Matt Maltese blows us away with his recent new single.

Closing is a charity single from Robin Adams, Song for the Nameless.



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