BAND OF BADGERS PRESENTS…#33 – From the archives

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March 25, 2016 by Robb Powell

I thought as there was only one podcast ‘from the archives‘ (2014) left to blog, the logical step was to publish that first before resuming with #41 onwards. This does mean I am no longer working along two parallel timelines. I just really wanted to mention the timey whimey spacey wacey parallel-world thing, again. Well, time. Not parallel world but hey, geeks gotta dream. 

Some things come full circle, or there is true synchronicity at work – or something of the kind because on this show way back in 2014 (September I think it was), I played The Phantoms and I have just played their brand new single on the most recent new podcast (#65). Added to this, here I played Billy Lockett with Pathways and I am off to see the uberly talented chap in London next Wednesday (30th March). I also played the title track from Billy’s recent new Burn It Down EP not so long back (#62), which I do hope you go check out if you haven’t already because it is superb!

Okay, hit play & soak up the tunes on this final podcast of what was series 2. I truly span the genres this time starting with innovative alternative rock-pop veering through metal before quietening things down with delicious acoustic finery, seriously sublime folk & folk rock.

exportlogored90pppKicking things off for the 1st hour: the phenomenal Carnival Youth! This sensational opener is followed by Narrow Plains, Nishe, Salute Something, The Phantoms, Schemata Theory, Asgeir & Blair Dunlop. Album spotlight is on Ange Hardy with 2songs from The Lament Of The Black Sheep before Kate Rusby woos you. Then, a song from Under A Banner‘s new album.

The nonstop mix features songs from Arcane Roots, Frightened Rabbit, The Temper Trap, Dry The River & more.

Mary Epworth brings September in with style before more music from The Rival & Low Roar. Songs from Jim Kirby, Billy Lockett then Chris Gillett with some experimental music. A leap to hip-hop sees a message from the Lifesaver before ending with Snow Patrol. Enjoy!




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