BAND OF BADGERS PRESENTS…#32 – Beautiful Days Festival Special Part II

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March 21, 2016 by Robb Powell

bdays 2016So, as you were advised on the blog post for part 1 of this 2 part special, a whole other show simply grew out of there being so very many astounding quality bands and musicians to play. 

Band of Badgers logo

Picture by James Kirby

A further 27 top tunes from festivals past & future (soon to be present – and thus now past with another past added on for last year and a future for this – more timey whimey shenanigans).

Songs coming at ya from McDermotts 2 Hours, British Sea Power, Hudson Taylor, Lau, John Grant, Eddi Reader, Caroline Herring, The Staves, Dan Donnelly as well as both Roy & Nick Harper. In addition to opening & closing the show, there is a stonking 9track Levellers mix to take you into the 2nd hour before more tunes from Tom Hickox, Mad Dog McRea, Ferrocious Dog, Benjamin Francis Leftwich & Zervas & Pepper.

It would be insane not to hit play & enjoy this awesome mix of marvellous music. What ya waiting for?


Band of BADGERS PRESENTS PLAYLIST PODCAST 32 part 2 2nd hour promo.jpg


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