BAND OF BADGERS PRESENTS…#30 – From the archives

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March 7, 2016 by Robb Powell

Band of Badgers logo

Picture by James Kirby

Time to share another of the two hour podcasts from the archives, from way back in July 2014, I believe. Don’t have 2 hours to spare right now? Then just listen to what you can and come back for the rest. As many stages as you like, it doesn’t matter with the show up at its post-RadioKC Mixcloud home for your listen again pleasure at your leisure. Whatever suits. 

Just sit back, relax or whatever you’re up to – hit that play button & enjoy the 27 superb tracks waiting for you on podcast #30. There’s another wonderful fusion of quality indie music & a half-hour continuous mix featuring more well-established & signed faves. I do love how things come round full circle, though as I’m playing a rare cover The Levellers did of New York Mining Disaster 1941 by The Bee Gees on this week’s new podcast at RadioKC and a live version The Bee Gees released on their One Night Only live album from 1997 kicks off the 30 minute non-stop music mix at the start of the second hour of this show here.

exportlogored90pppKicking off the first hour was the new single (at the time, 2014) from top indie rock band Welcome Pariah & it is a treat! There’s a couple of awesome demos from local band The Young & Restless, 2 deliciously sublime songs from Josh Savage & delicate tunes from Zander Sharp & Drakeford. Stevie Ray Latham returns as does Mark Chadwick in addition to a superb contemporary ballad from Gaz Brookfield.

After the half hour mix it is back to the indie & unsigned world with the talents of Chris Priest, Startled Space Moth (Aaron Shanley), The Polysonic, Apollo Junction, Elenowen & Jeffrey Philip Nelson delighting your minds with their marvellous music.

Closing is the veteran Mr Neil Finn with a song from his last solo album.




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