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February 18, 2016 by Robb Powell

FB_IMG_1453744709356From the county of Gloucestershire, Josh Rider began his musical journey at the age of six years old. With thanks to family influences at this young age, his fingers familiarised themselves with the fret board as his ear developed a new understanding of both sound and tone. Understandably, having started out at such an early age, one can appreciate and wonder in speculation of the measurements of meaning that music can hold to an individual whilst watching Josh Rider perform.

Surrounded by the musical stylings of Lynard Skynard, Guns’N’Roses, Pink Floyd and Metallica, Josh Rider happily holds up his hands and admits a typical guitarist’s cliché: “the first song I learnt to play was stairway to heaven!” But to hear his style of music now, this first song has created a route that few have travelled rather than the one many follow.

In discussion, Josh states he reached his first level of musical competency  at the age of 12, and from here on his levels soared beyond expectation as he played county to county in numerous bands. This eventually led him to take a course in the institute of music in Brighton. In his time here gigs and bookings flooded in for Josh as he displayed his talent and understanding of music within his own Metal band.

At the end of the course the band separated but Josh Rider found himself drawn to a new style of music, the one that he is known for to date. A style that can be held in comparison to Andy Mckee. Percussive fingerstyle guitar.

As the release of Josh’s new album “the Last War” approaches, Josh looks back on some of the venues and festivals he has performed at that brought him to now. Places such as:

Gloucester Guild Hall,
Phoenix Festival Cirencester,
Brewery Arts Centre Cirencester.
And Bristol Colston hall, supporting Erik Mongrain!

PicsArt_01-13-12.22.38There are numerous paper trails of reviews and interviews with Josh Rider featured in multiple music magazines throughout the country. They mention how he creates worlds filled with dynamic musical landscapes, emotion and passion. A place of calm from the chaos of reality and most of all… how a musician can be more than an individual with an instrument. They become the embodiment of an artist!

And as mentioned, Josh Rider’s new album “the Last War” is soon to be released and the year is already laid out before him with tours, festivals and shows. But as he currently takes a moment’s rest in Hertfordshire, I was lucky enough to get an exclusive insight into his world of music. So, take a moment to listen to Josh Rider’s compositions as they are more than just music. They are journeys both travelled and shared for the mind and soul.


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