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February 11, 2016 by Robb Powell

Not even sure if I’m on target to get all the podcasts blogged by the end of March but I’ll give it my best go. Here’s the next in sequence. Well, sort of in sequence as I’m kind of running along two parallel lines time and number-wise. 

Lots of new stuff packed in this time (at the time, of course). Opening is the stunning 1st single from The Slow Readers Club‘s 2nd album Cavalcade. I’ve resurrected Chapel Club for tune 2 before Funeral For A Friend blast our ears followed by an outstanding brand new single from White Clouds & Gunfire.

exportlogored90pppThen it’s a hop over to more acoustic sounds with the mesmerising Nick Edward Harris (go buy his album NOW), new singles from Tobias Ben Jacob & Lukas Drinkwater, & Blair Dunlop (well, I’m sharing the album version here of the single he released) before Nashville’s Gretchen Peters blows us away with another song from Blackbirds.

The banjo is out for a delightful tune from Dan Walsh‘s new album followed by a moving story put to song from Lew Bear. The Dreaming Spires also have a new album out, I’m playing Searching for Supertruth before closing with the title track from StevieRay Latham‘s album Modern Attitudes.



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