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February 8, 2016 by Robb Powell

I simply had to rectify a MASSIVE folly from yesterday’s #SoundCloudSunday #8 post. While I am totally laying the blame at the feet of the dreaded manflu, there was no way I could live with myself for omitting Alex Hulme‘s incredible new single Little Lives from the post. Granted, I had already purchased the single literally as soon as it was released because, well, quite frankly it is AMAZING. When throwing together yesterday’s SoundCloud share though, I just hadn’t thought to check Alex’s SoundCloud page as well, already working Little Lives on to this week’s new podcast playlist.

And so, rather than just add it as an afterthought and because I am digging the new song so massively here it is in a post all of its own. This isn’t exaclty a proper full on review but trust this, Little Lives is anything but a little song. The sound is HUGE, breathtaking and just downright awesome. So go buy it. Please. Alex has a wedding to get sorted. Wishing him all the best with that, and with all the music to come. I cannot wait for it.




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