BAND OF BADGERS PRESENTS…#29 – From the archives

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January 30, 2016 by Robb Powell

Band of Badgers logo

Picture by James Kirby


It’s hard even for me to take in that this particular podcast was a whopping 30 shows ago. 30! Another 2 hour stonker from when I had temporarily increased the show’s length to cover my full 2 hour slot on the wonderful Radio Kaos Caribou. A slot I still have, of course but now run back down to the one hour show, with a repeat – usually of the previous one for the second hour. Let’s have a looksy at what was in store on podcast #29 then. Hit play and enjoy this one from the archives.

If you don’t have 2hours, come back another time to resume. With a temporary mic solution in place there’s a bit more waffle from moi but not overmuch & I’ve still managed to pack in 26 awesome songs your ears should not be without!

exportlogored90ppp3 double plays (2songs) to kick off with damn fine musical finery from Fort Hope, Mark Chadwick (from his brilliant 2nd album, Moment & top young Northampton band Distilled.

Loads more including another local band Of Blue Skies & Youth, a stonker of a new tune from Wings of Apollo then Finish Ticket, Corey Kilgannon, Frances Luke Accord & Angus Powell. It’s right on to the 2nd hour with a 30minute non-stop music mix featuring a number of classics before Morning Parade delight with a fine live acoustic track. Daniel Pearson & Matt Henshaw also feature before 3 bands return to the podcast by way of Wild Swim, Falling Faster & Brothers & Bones. A rock classic closes courtesy of Metallica.


1. Fort Hope – The Rapture

2. Fort Hope – Time is the Rope That Binds Us Together

3. Mark Chadwick – Moment

4. Mark Chadwick – Last Night

5. Distilled – CIA

6. Distilled – Don’t Waste My Time

7. Of Blue Skies & Youth – Forget the Rest

8. Wings of Apollo – The Water

9. Finish Ticket – Catch You On My Way Out

10. Corey Kilgannon – 23 Years

11. Frances Luke Accord – Kandote

12. Angus Powell – Monsters

13. Duke Special – Stargazers of the World Unite (A Love Song For Astronomers)

14. Travis – Writing To Reach You

15. Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger

16. Josh Groban – Awake

17. Sarah Mclachlan – Full Of Grace

18. Billy Ocean – Suddenly

19. The Carpenters – Superstar

20. Morning Parade – Reality Dream

21. Daniel Pearson – Masquerade

22. Matt Henshaw – It Ain’t Easy

23. Wild Swim – Call On The Rain

24. Falling Faster – Alone

25. Brother & Bones – Long Way To Go

26. Metallica – Nothing Else Matters


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