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January 8, 2016 by Robb Powell

off the hook.jpgOff the Hook is the latest EP from rising UK Country singer/Songwriter Jeannine Barry! The EP itself is more like a journey through life as-it-is rather than just a collection of neatly gathered songs. From the simple act of pressing play, the listener is catapulted into a world that does not want to be interrupted. A world of energy, sound, colour and magnificent wordplay that sinks into the mind and memory of its audience effortlessly. An EP that simply suits the soundtrack to every country fan’s life.

From the rise of the Title track “Off the Hook” to the intricate delicacies that are found within “Lonely Road,” revived by the empowering yet reassuring qualities of “Carousel.” The journey throughout this entire EP is one worth revisiting over and over again! And those were just 3 mentioned tracks of 6!

All I can say without giving more away is that if you are a fan of Country, Americana and Rock/Pop and you are searching for an extra few songs to add to the “Soundtrack of your life,” Jeannine Barry provides you with the perfect place to look with her new EP!

And if you’re not looking but are curious, I strongly suggest you make some space for something new because this EP… is “Off the Hook!” Not only this but it is from this brand new EP that Jeannine Barry has decided to combine her efforts with those of Jim Kirby, by donating a track to the Blues From the Herts volume 2 for SANE Mental Health Charity.


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