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December 4, 2015 by Robb Powell

acoustic journeyIt’s often said to many acoustic acts that in order to succeed “you’ll need a band”, or even “you need to get a bigger sound if you want to BE something!” And by the look of Acoustic Journey, one would not expect the sound they create! Two acoustic guitars, a cajon and a mix of lead vocals and harmonies. Their sound is exactly what it means to be, what it needs to be and furthermore… just downright impressive.

And so, not only are they a filling sound that the listener can get caught up in and not only are they carving their way through the UK country scene BUT they are also defying the assumed status quo and doing it as many believe it should be done. Simply with the passion, talent and the acoustic sound that sits-so-sweet upon the heartstrings of the audience. A true, raw, as-it-is, for the love of it musical experience that leaves you with the CD on repeat or chasing the ticket booths of venues to book your seat to their next performance!

Acoustic Journey are playing the game their way and their fans are loving every note, beat and harmony! And so, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Acoustic Journey to the catalogue of musicians who have come together to support SANE Mental Health Charity, as they contribute a song from their new EP for the second volume of the BluesFromtheHerts Project.


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