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November 7, 2015 by Robb Powell

harry phillips 1In modern times, the UK has seen a great revival of the folk scene. As the generations passed by, folk became embellished with the thoughts and feelings of those who were “on its trail.”  As the years passed with their accompanying musical styles and genres (including social norms), folk evolved and broadened its range.

Rather than tales of wanderers, myth, legend and ideology as opposed by reality, folk became a genre that adopted soulful, blues filled passion accompanied by the popular layout of past and present Americana styles. There’s so much that could be said of the evolution of folk but from the local three counties and London music scene comes a musician who showcases all that is written here as well as all that has been left unmentioned.

Harry Phillips holds the development within every breath of his performance, mixing the styles to meet the modern times whilst holding true to the roots of where it all began. And so, it is no less than an honour to introduce Harry Phillips to the followers of the #BluesfromtheHerts project!



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