DROP EVERYTHING! Governor’s Luck need YOU.

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September 25, 2015 by Robb Powell

Hey folks. Hope you’ve all been absolutely fantabulously wonderful. I must admit I don’t think I’m going to have time to blog much in the usual way anymore. Even so, there are naturally some things I MUST share on here that were I to not, I would quite literally burst. The kind of mess that would lead to not least with me no longer existing as a real corporeal person, well, this will not do. 

So brevity is my new thang. Sort of. 

After sharing the transcendental folk masterpiece Esteesee by Ange Hardy (which was released) yesterday I now need to bring to your attention a crowdfunder you MUST check out! DROP EVERYTHING right now and click on the link to contribute! You’ll see what I did there with my command you DROP EVERYTHING in just a moment. A hugely talented band I count myself lucky to have stumbled across just over a year ago when finding an acoustic video of what has since become one of my favourite songs (At The Top Of My Lungs – see video below), Governor’s Luck NEED YOU.



gov our

In a bid to commit their hard work to that format which every real music fan is returning (and many never forgot or left) – vinyl – they have launched a crowdfunding campaign via Musicraiser. There are a number of tantalising options from which to choose and the money raised will meet the costs of producing the incredible debut album Drop Everything on  voluptuously sexy vinyl. A dream come true, yes but also a neat and wonderful piece of music for you to own in the way it was always meant to be. Funds will also go towards aiding them tour so the all-important live experience can be had by one and all.

As with all such crowdfunding campaigns though, all this will only be possible if the target is met by the end of the time period. It is like a ticking clock counting down so please check out the awesome quality music from this incredible band and get on the bandwagon for a slice of the pie. Or cake if you prefer cake. Share the link, music, pages until you can share no longer. Spread the word. Spread the music. Spread the link. There is a spreading theme developing here. Spread like jam on a scrumptious piece of toast, just share and spread! 

There are t-shirt, poster and gig ticket bundles and more. Fancy the band performing an acoustic gig live in your living room? The option is there! Go for it. The lads are well behaved and fully house-trained. Maybe. But seriously, I’ve been to a few house gigs over the last few years and they are the best! There’s even an option to bag yourself your own very unique never seen before matching tattoo with Mr Jack Horscraft. Just the one though so get in there quick!


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