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September 23, 2015 by Robb Powell

LEROY 1From his humble beginnings of playing the bars of Hollywood, LA Blues legend Leroy Miller rose above the challenges of the music world through hard work, determination and most of all the love of what he does.

His pursuit of his passion allowed him to soar to levels he’d never have imagined as he stepped beyond the State borders of his home. These borders were by no means limited to the Americas. Through his dedication to his craft Leroy’s reputation as a guitarist spread like wild fire! With the blaze of his talent igniting the passions of his listeners, Leroy’s wings spread allowing him to travel and play  to an international audience. As his venue list grew, the world became his stage!

LEROY 2Leroy has played and recorded with the likes of Macy Gray and John Mayer. Not only this but his music can be heard throughout a large list of award winning TV and Film soundtracks. All this said, the man is a modern face of one of the oldest and most popular genres  of music. Blues!

Leroy approaches this genre his own way and has phenomenal results in doing so, but as he does, he gives a bow of respect to those who came before him. He tips his hat in memory of the way SRV, B.B. King, Clapton, Cale, Hendrix, Green and so many more laid the foundations to modern day Blues…

And now Leroy carries the torch forward to the next generation of Blues guitarists and songwriters as he embellishes his own works into its legacy. As he does so, he lends his talent (all the way from the United States of America) to support SANE Mental Health Charity in London by opening the #Bluesfromtheherts project, volume 2!

SaneCheck out YouTube >>here<<.


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