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August 5, 2015 by Robb Powell

myriadsThe monumental day finally arrived on 31st July when the stunning masterpiece of a debut album from Officer was unleashed upon the world at large. Consider this my way of commanding you go BUY Myriads this instant! Ha! Seriously, if you don’t you may well be hunted down by the music police. And if not by them then by me. It is without any doubt one of, if not THE best albums you will hear this year! Even with five months to go I make this claim with a confidence it won’t be beaten. Gratefully receiving a copy from the enigmatic Officer as a thanks for tweeting plenty and the like, I count myself incredibly lucky to have been fully immersed in the musical and lyrical journey for a good few months prior to this release. You should all count yourselves lucky the time has now come for this music to enrich your lives too.


Picture from Officer's facebook page

Picture from Officer’s facebook page

What marks it out as such a masterpiece? Well, pretty much everything about it to be quite honest. There’s some kind of inherent ability that David Logan aka Officer seems to have that allows him to really work his way inside your mind and soul via his music here. You end up fused together with these songs somehow. Like he’s worked out how to use it to solder you to them. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, even. It is very difficult to pigeon-hole in terms of genre-specificity and this I always like because who wants something that fits so neatly inside a box it stays there gathering dust? Myriads is alive! It has a heart that beats. It breathes. It is fresh! It possesses a poignant vibrancy that allows you to fully experience the emotional voyage you’re embarking on within the mere opening minute of Laughing Rafters. Each song builds on the last and yet retains something beautifully distinct and individual. There is a solid cohesion to the overall collection but there is nevertheless a uniqueness that around and about each song lies much more at the core. The echoes of this are left with you thanks to the execution employed. The vibrations can be felt for days after. It is a veritable kaleidoscopic musical banquet.

Picture by Ciara McMullan (taken from FB page)

Picture by Ciara McMullan (taken from FB page)

Singles The Waters, Glass Ceiling and most recently My Darling Defibrillator offer up some of the very best alternative pop you will have heard in a very long time, if indeed ever before. Each hold their own, vying with one another in a contest that can never actually be won because all are steeped in such a huge degree of quality, the game can only ever end in a tie. A glorious tie nonetheless. My Darling Defibrillator does pack one heck of a mighty mysterious punch, though. Feel your heartbeat after listening to this – tell me it isn’t racing and I’ll charge up the paddles. “Clear!” *shock* Then there’s the likes of the haunting simplicity of One Day which encapsulates an alarming beauty via such minimalism you’re not really expecting it. You’re caught unprepared, at unawares and it is wonderful. When things kick off a bit 3 minutes in your breath is quickly snatched away in a flash while you mop up the floor after melting into a pool as a result of shattering from a chronic attack of goosebumps. And Burst! Indeed, the album entices the mind to do just this but the song itself begins with a gloriously delicate build up that once pops, will shower down on you like a river of truth from the heavens. The sheer scale of luscious layers painted across these lyrical landscapes will leave you astounded. Pack some oxygen is my advice because you may be so stunned you’ll forget to breathe for a while.   

Myriads is one of those albums your mind will crave. Play it once, I dare you and you will not be at rest until you’ve heard it on repeat for the next week at the least. I’ve had it on in my car, played it many times then swapped it for another just to break things up of course but Myriads seems to work itself back into the stereo without my physical intervention. I’m driving along humming and singing along again. It is another record of late I’ve had the delightful opportunity to fully submerge myself in that the ‘music industry’ is really desperate for. If we are still calling it a ‘music industry’. It seems to me that the very best works of musical art are coming from those who have no choice but to self/crowd-fund without much, if any big industry backing.

I don’t use the word masterpiece lightly of course, but it in no way feels out of place when describing this magnificent collection of deep, emotional and thought-provoking songs married together sublimely with music so marvellous it isn’t until after being immersed within this wondrous and wild world you’re left thinking how can anything quite match this ever again? How can one compare anything else without holding this up as the bar to test quality against? I’ve no doubt someone with the skills and abilities as the mastermind behind Myriads will astound once again with any future project to come but in the meantime those professing to love music need to get their asses into gear and buy this record. Support Officer so we can have more of this. Lots more of this. It is highly addictive! Gimme it!



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