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August 4, 2015 by Robb Powell

FB_IMG_1438597493724No matter what you play, it’s all about soul. That is the one core belief that this writer truly holds when it comes to music. You can play the finest rendition of a cover or the most pitch perfect original but if you have no feeling then you may as well stay at home and attempt a career in poetry instead.

Since writing for Band of Badgers I have had the opportunity to sing the praises of many a fine musician, regardless of their background or even where they’re from. And this one is a little bit special to me, reminding me of my roots in writing from when I started out promoting the enticing talents of Rebecca Madden. So, brace yourselves, because the artist I am about to introduce is very much of the same intense and captivating qualities.

Hailing from Milton Keynes in the UK, Sian Magill truly brings a curiously alternative touch of creation to the world of independent music. Classing herself as a “folk” musician due to her songwriting style, influences and the music that she was brought up around has led her far across the South Eastern borders of the UK. But is it truly folk? Or is there more to this blonde, bright eyed beacon of talent?

I cannot truly and comfortably simply label Sian Magill as “Folk.” It would be a shame to do so as there is so much raw brilliance within her sound and style. It is folk with soul. Passion that spreads beyond the lyrics. Bursting from the confines of imagination and love for her craft…words needed to be said. But it’s not all about the belief of her writing. It is the depth and heart that explodes from her voice. If you are watching Sian Magill, the moment you see her adjust the microphone to meet her height, one would expect a soft choir-esque voice. The reality however is quite the reverse! Passion and conviction to what she sings has already been mentioned but the way in which it is sung and delivered is devastatingly equal in its brilliance!


There is depth, tone, a dynamic and undeniable talent! Hypnotic, seductive and inspiring. And finally, when singers and writers have such a talent, one often assumes that there must be an area that is lacking. It would have to be within their guitar work, surely? Many songwriters have compensated for this via developing a certain level of quality in performance across various instruments in order to redirect attention from areas that don’t quite match their primary focus of singing and writing. But once more Sian Magill wows her audience with stunning guitar work as her fingers fly across the fret board with fine note-for-note local mimicry, percussive and rhythm playing. So as I draw this review to an end I implore all to discover Sian Magill! I’m not too sure how to describe her genre but for now we’ll just call it “True-Soul Folk.”


Words by James Kirby –


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