June 22, 2015 by Robb Powell

Photography and artwork by Meggie Wood Illustration

Photography and artwork by Meggie Wood Illustration

Firstly I must apologise for publishing this review of Bloodflower’s Noise EP a week after it was actually released. The reason: well, the music which spans across these 5 tracks possesses such phenomenal power I have literally been lost deep inside the very heart of it all. This has been no bad thing. Not only has it thrust me on a tremendous trip back through time to the decade it has a foot firmly cemented in (the 80s) but the euphoric and expansive journey right across the electronica-pop landscape it affords the mind means it can take days to come out the other side. Again, this is no bad thing. Quite the opposite really, it is precisely what I want from music!

As I wrote about the single People/Places when that was released a little while back – it is infectious and WILL be an earworm your ears and mind radio will relish – and thus is it a perfect way to open this superb collection. They get that hook in deep, reel you in then just when you settle they cast you out as far as the moon at maximum speed so that second track Run keeps the momentum going. The ‘Noise’ to which the title refers in my opinion is the welcome kind that opens a window within your mind through which you can escape reality and really live what they are gifting to your ears.

One of Bloodflower’s many strengths is a seemingly fluid ability to render detailed and striking visual imagery via the music they make. Admittedly, one has to have a mind willing to lose itself in such music but when the quality and power is such as this, even the most tired or uncreative of minds can easily get lost in their aural wonderland. At times, if you just close your eyes and let the tsunami of sounds wash over you, you will end up submerged under their colossal wave. It is as if they create their own videos in the listener’s minds and this can only be a testament to how good the music is. Tall Buildings manages this splendidly but it is by no means limited to just this one track. The wonderful thing here is that the music becomes more fully-fused with the listener, becoming something altogether more personal as a result. It is your mind being led on its very own creative journey as opposed to being just a representation/expression of the artist, as important as this still is.

jonnie and tomIn contrast to the urgent bustling of the first three tracks, the brakes are applied somewhat when it comes to the fourth more gentle easing sound. There isn’t one track on the EP where Jonnie doesn’t get to really flex those stunning vocal muscles of his but I really love how utterly soothing and calm they are for the majority of Keep Talking. It feels like he’s taking you by the hand, inviting you to dance around the lyrics and music in mid-air atop a swirling cyclone waiting to pull you in. Keep Talking or else you’ll be gone. The charm of it is quite irresistible. Somewhere brings the collection to a suitable and ambient close building on the strength yet gentleness of the previous track. 

I don’t know specifically how these sounds and works form when Jonnie and Tom are together but I imagine it is as if two halves of one mind meld together and something like Noise is the end result. For all the 80s electronica references I’ve read what strikes me as crucial is how Bloodflower manage to marry this seamlessly with a very contemporary edge. It gives it a new vigour. It certainly leaves me salivating for more from these guys. Every. Single. Time!

The Noise EP is available from all the usual outlets so please go get getting right NOW:

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