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May 8, 2015 by Robb Powell

bernie 2Bernie Devine is a guitar hero throughout Hertfordshire. There are no two ways about it. Bernie is the type of guitarist who makes people want to learn whilst adoring every note learnt within the journey.

If you can think of a venue type, he’s played it.

If you can think of a genre, he’s played it.

If you can think of a sound on strings, he can play it.

I have heard Bernie described as “Redefining” when it comes to the sound, style and method of playing guitar. From Session work to live gigs Bernie astounds the listener and leaves audiences wanting more. One of the magnificent traits of Bernie when it comes to music is his ability to blend in to any setup. He will Wow his fellow musicians whilst reassuring and encouraging them to simply try. Many have walked off stage having played alongside Bernie staring at their hands in wonderment thinking “I had no idea I could play like that!

bernie 1To describe Bernie’s sound would be to cross reference SRV and Gary Moore, but it’s all done in the BD Blues way!

Bernie Devine has been a brilliant supporter of the ‪#‎Bluesfromtheherts Project since it’s simple beginnings. When asked to join the project he pointed in the direction of his recorded originals catalogue and said “Take what ever you need.”

So please allow me to introduce one of the most Heartfelt Blues guitarists one could ever hope to hear. Bernie Devine!

SANE Mental Health Charity


From the page..



  • All songs have now been mastered and limited! Plus!! we now have Special guest Jay Semko‘s exclusive #‎bluesfromtheherts track. Prep for digital release is beginning!

Jay Semko Music Page SANE Mental Health Charity


This Open Mic has a wealth of musicians who have helped inspire and encourage the development of this project. One of my personal favorite aspects of this open mic is the privilege of playing alongside the spectacular Bernie Devine.

And so I now give you a “true (heartfelt) blue” cover of Gary Moore‘s unforgettable Parisienne Walkways by Jim Kirby and Bernie Devine at Ye Olde Fighting Cocks. (View/listen to the video >>here<<.)

Website at

Words by James Kirby –


SanePlease make sure you are liking the Facebook page so you can keep fully updated on all the latest from this awesome music album project. As Jim explained at the beginning, one of the chief aims is to bring in funds for Sane Mental Health Charity over a longer period. What better way than putting together a stunning collection of songs from a host of local musicians and mixing a gem of an album that can be sold for as long as possible. Brilliant idea and such excellent hard work has gone into this project so well done Jim Kirby, and of course all the musicians and other persons involved in bringing the album to its completion. (Rob)


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