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May 4, 2015 by Robb Powell

Picture by James Kirby

Picture by James Kirby

With so much music to share up here lately I’m further behind with blogging the podcasts than ever. Having just recorded shows #41 & #42 which will be up on Mixcloud and played on RadioKC very soon (#41 today, in fact), it is time for another from the archives to share with you here.

First though, I need to give some more blog space to the hugely talented musician and songwriter Daveit Ferris and his incredible #365Sparks project. I featured a few songs from him on the first Soundcloud Sunday post I did a while back and while I’ve been tweeting others and reposting on Soundcloud here and there, time as ever means I miss more than I’d like to.

Already now up to song #117, the quality and diversity of what he is producing for this project is outstanding. It is imperative too I guess with putting out a song pretty much every day. These really do showcase a true dexterity in style and skill.

Check out more about #365Sparks, buy some of the music and support this great musical challenge. Lots more to come as the year lengthens.

radio kcRight, let’s crack on with the podcast then shall we? Some terrifically awesome tunes I shared on the playlist for show #26 just over a year ago. Opening with a sensational instrumental masterpiece from Rob Johnson, then a blast from the recent-ish past through Parallel Worlds with Elliot Minor. Welcoming us nearer to now are stunning songs from The Bedroom Hour & The Shallows before buffering us into the most sublimest of harmonies is Lux Lisbon. A side step to even more harmonies via grief-wave thanks to Flights of Helios & then more superb emo punk from indie newcomers Southpaw (now Going Away Party).

A song from contemporary folk troubadour Seth Lakeman‘s latest album Word of Mouth is followed by a true traditional classic from legends Steeleye Span. Song 9 of 10 from Tom McRae is Summer of John Wayne, there’s a little tribute to Poppy Cat from Enya before we venture to Ukraine with Okean El’zy.

As always, because this show was put together last year there is some updated music below from a number of the musicians and bands featured (or sometimes older stuff too). Sadly The Bedroom Hour have disbanded. As a parting gift they did release one final EP for your ears so get to their website for more on that. >>here<<.


1. The Wasp & The Flame by Rob Johnson

2. Parallel Worlds by Elliot Minor

3. Shadow Boxer by The Bedroom Hour

4. The Enemy by The Shallows

5. Get Some Scars by Lux Lisbon

6. Star by Flights of Helios

7. Knocks & Brusies by Southpaw

8. Last Rider by Seth Lakeman

9. Black Jack Davey by Steeleye Span

10. Summer of John Wayne by Tom McRae

11. Lothlorien by Enya

12. Mira by Okean El’zy





10 FROM TOM #9


To maintain the tandemnacity (I really should create more words), I will be blogging podcast #36 very shortly too. Show #41 is up online >>here<<. 


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