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May 2, 2015 by Robb Powell

gavin 1Sound engineer, producer, tutor, multi instrumentalist, composer and songwriter, Gavin Beckwith has been in the world of music for many years. He has played and recorded with musicians from bands such as Pendulum, Madness, Foreigner, Jeff Beck, the Mosaic orchestra, Bad Company and has written for others including Quietly Spinning Man and Misteeq. A statement that outlines his class within these above mentioned fields is the fact that all who have worked with Gavin frequently return. 

gb soundGavin has performed around the UK, in the Middle East and across Europe. Gavin has taken his years of hard work as a musician and as a sound engineer to create GB-SOUND studios in Barnet. Though not his original studio GB-SOUND is one crafted by hand to deliver high class recordings that frequently surpass the expectations of the client. But GB-SOUND isn’t just a studio. It is a place where songs evolve.

If given the nod by the artists, Gavin will aid with development and structures of original works followed by adding his musical session work experience on strings, percussion and keys. For whatever Gavin can’t do, the customer can rest assured that he knows someone who can.

SaneGavin’s playing style ranges from ambient instrumental tracks to country, folk and Blues. So, not only is Gavin Beckwith a huge help on the production side of #‎Bluesfromtheherts but he has also lent his hand to provide a track for the project that shows off many of the talents I have written of here.


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