FANTASTIC FREE FIVE FOR FRIDAY (& 5 not so free, well, ish)

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May 1, 2015 by Robb Powell

Some fantabulous free music for you this Friday as I share a brief selection of five fantastic bands/musicians offering up their wonderful wares totally free. Just a simple little click from you and your computer/tablet/phone* (*delete as appropriate) will squee with excitement at your decision to grace its operating system with some quality music. It will be eternally grateful but I warn you it will want more marvellous music to follow this.


Of Tom Williams & The Boat fame, Tom recently released a superb solo mini album called New Guitar which sounds serene! You can buy it >>here<<. He has been busy busy busy out on the road stunning audiences with a magnificent live performance and in the process a live collection was recorded in March. 

Tom Williams Live At The Lexington 23/03/15 can also be purchased for FREE at the same link, via his website >>here<<.


It was awesome to scroll through my Facebook feed and discover this great cover of Damien Jurado‘s Beacon Hill by Ant Savage. It was recorded that very day (27/04/15) in his front room. A poor recording, he notes but I think it sounds bloody well fabulous!


That hidden gem Noisetrade to thank for this one. Not that it’s exactly hidden but I rarely see much about it in social media. I am sure there’s plenty, mind I just don’t see it. I’ve been introduced to so much great music from this website and it never stops. This album preview from Other Lives, to celebrate their third full release Rituals, popped into my inbox only yesterday. It can be yours too if you click right >>here<<

Rituals is described as a pure encapsulation of the trio’s relentless drive for precision. Hearing these three tracks I can well believe it and it leaves me hungry for the rest of the album. Out May 4th. (No Star Wars jokes please!!)


A strange name for a band, you might think but come on there are so many odd-named groupings out there and you know what? The odd ones are most often the monumentally amazing ones! Described as doom-blues, grunge and goth amongst other things, their EP Reptile Smile is available as a FREE download as a gift to celebrate drummer Dom’s birthday (happy birthday Dom).

Their sound is certainly unique and trippy. I am enjoying it rather muchly. The EP can be downloaded for FREE until May 23rd but it is available from bandcamp forevermore for £2.50. Click >>here<<. 


I feel like I have neglected Chris Gillett somewhat lately but thankfully he does know how insanely busy I get. Chris has been releasing his latest solo recordings as FREE downloads up at his Soundcloud page, which if I am honest I have been lapping up. Hopefully that hasn’t caused too much disturbing imagery for you of me slurping. If it has, or hasn’t just divert your attention by checking out this awesome music right now!

Hit download, share, embed. Tell your mum, your grandma, your brother. Tell EVERYONE! 

I really enjoy Chris’ vocals, they seem to really soothe me. Add to this such a powerful mix of style and skill and it is musical heaven. I am also very much looking forward to hearing the new material from the band Chris guitars for, Zurich. Yes I know ‘to guitar’ is not a verb but it so should be! I should also be allowed to create more words and verbs.

There is always so much more to share so even the below won’t cover everything but feast your ears on the below 5 further non-free but equally fantastic offerings.


Okay, I have cheated big time. Only because this song is also a FREEBIE. I ran out of room above and remembered just in the nick of time that I saw an update somewhere detailing Steve had released the title track from his forthcoming EP.

I’ve played the first track he released from the EP, We Used To Live, on podcast #41 – coming soon. Loving this title track, Sightlines too and can’t wait for the other songs to drop.


Darling Arithmetic by Villagers is just one of a long list of new albums I desperately need to buy for my collection. Curse being poor! Still, there’s loads of ways to enjoy the music via bands’ and musicians’ websites, their videos and soundcloud and the like. And there is Spotify, which I would use more often but seem to have endless problems regards logging in. Every. Single. Time. So it puts me off. I can’t be that dumb as to be doing something completely wrong EVERY time can I? Well, let’s not answer that. Let’s just enjoy this gorgeous new offering from Villagers.

Oh, let’s not be stingy. Enjoy another from the album:


Picture from band Facebook page

Picture from band Facebook page

Nashville’s mighty rock titans Wings of Apollo thrust their latest collection of songs into our lives recenlty and it is yet another superbly crafted rockfest of the utmost quality! Not only this but I may have technically cheated again because for a limited time From Another Mother is available on a Name Your Price deal. Get to the website >>here<< quick smart and have yourself some of the best contemporary rock coming from the US right now! 


With another single from Officer‘s upcoming debut album Myriads dropping this week there is no way I could miss out the opportuity of sharing it here. Glass Ceiling is line after line of exquisite song writing. Another cracking tune musically and vocally. There is such a crisp and serene quality to what this guy is achieving here and I cannot wait for more. Another beautifully shot video as well. Very arty! 

I NEEEEEEEEEEED Myriads NOW! It is coming soon, though. I NEED this live too. Keep updated at Officer‘s website.


What a stonking tune to finish the post with from london-based The Savage Nomads!! It leaves me desperately NEEDING and WANTING lots more of this in my ears! 

You can buy the single Rosy Tan from their website for just one little bitsy pound (that’s £1 if you were confused). Practically free so go get it! Click >>here<<. I need to play this on the podcast soon!

Have an awesome weekend whatever you’re all up to. Fill it with peace and music! Oh and if you’ve got a spare bit of time you could always have a quick looksy at the new blog I started this week over at Muchos thankings! 


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