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April 30, 2015 by Robb Powell

richieStunt Motorcyclist Richie Metcalfe may seem to be a name that is new to some but he is a name renowned in the Americana/country scene on an international scale. Having showcased his sound and style at venues ranging from pubs, clubs and bars to festivals, studios and concerts between the UK and the USA , the sheer mileage and experience within this musician is one that would be expected from someone much older.

This singer/songwriter holds audiences with an almost unbreakable grip when it comes to his live performances. He has been described as “striking” and “captivating” as he delivers works of quality time after time. A frequent comment that can be heard from the audience as their jaws drop to the floor is “that voice!”

The man appears to be the embodiment of Americana on the Herts scene, but behind the frequently seen 6 string and vocals hides a talent that is a true musical passion to him. The Keys! Watching Richie play a grand piano, mixing genres within phrasings with hypnotic dynamics whilst singing is a must!

With all that said I extend my thanks to Richie for joining the #‎Bluesfromtheherts project with a track that shows feeling and drive especially recorded for SANE Mental Health Charity

Website at

Words by James Kirby –

packaging 1packaging 2


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