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April 29, 2015 by Robb Powell

stuart o connorAccomplished touring musician Stuart O’Connor has seen the music worlds of places such as New Zealand, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Poland, France, Australia, Czech Republic, Thailand, Austria and finally… the UK. Stuart has also shared the stage with a collection of varied, yet brilliant musicians including Ed Sheeran, Billy Cobham, James Bay and many more.

Stuart has drawn the attention of many a label through his career in music as he has made his own way through the ever changing tides of the media though he has always, inspiringly chosen to remain independent. 

Stuart’s music is (for the lack of better words) atmospheric and evocative. So tantalisingly so that flocks of people across the world continue to follow, support, purchase and demand every album release. He is known for his precision and finesse across the strings of the guitar and lyrics that bury themselves into the deepest corners of the listeners’ heart.

It would have seemed ridiculous not to invite Stuart O’Connor to the#‎Bluesfromtheherts‬ project. What surprised me the most was his willingness, enthusiasm and speed of reply to simply say “yes!”.


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