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April 28, 2015 by Robb Powell

april blue 2

April Blue are one of the fastest rising bands from Hertfordshire. Although initially an acoustic Jazz/Hip hop duo from the days of 2009/10, April Blue has since evolved from already awe-striking foundations. The duo has since grown as have their standards of style, sound and performance! 

The beauty of April Blue is that through the combined musical genius of all the members of the band (without even mentioning their talent,) somehow they are on the very cusp of creating their own genre. One I like to refer to as “Blue-Soul.”

The sheer electricity that is evoked from within the listener upon hearing April Blue‘s original material is astonishingly seductive. And though it somehow leaves one lost for words to truly describe, it leaves no question to how nor why April Blue have become a celebrated Herts name when it comes to the field of music. With the recent signing to The Indie Label, one can only imagine the potentials that lay before April Blue.

SaneBut behind the bright lights and musical majesty are a group of individuals that are happy to lend their name and hours of honing their craft to the #‎bluesfromtheherts project to support SANE Mental Health Charity.

Website at

Words by James Kirby –



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