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April 27, 2015 by Robb Powell

WOW! Hitting play on new single Even If It’s a Lie from Matt Maltese late last week it is very hard to move beyond repeated huge off-the-scale sized WOWs to be totally honest! Repeat is the perfect word here too because I must have listened to the track 10 or 11 times that night. And now, coming to write these words I’m playing it again to find myself not only wanting but needing to hear it time after time. It is a stunning piece of musical art. Go on, have a listen and you’ll see what I mean. It will come as no shock to you that I listen to music pretty much constantly from dawn ’til dusk and often from dusk ’til dawn too. It is even in my head on mind radio when there’s no outside music playing. I commented previously about how I get oceans of new music hurtling at me from all directions, coming in at warp speed, no less. Indeed, I very nearly missed the email about Matt. Flogged in the street should be the punishment for such folly.

A gorgeous gentle piano intro leads you to the opening lines of his vocal which across the song does summersaults, leaps through hoops and just carries you off to a place of complete and utter wonderment. So wonderful is this place (even if the subject of the song is more on the emotionally sadder side) there are most certainly mermaids and unicorns there. Enjoying this track live on repeat. The strength and clarity of his voice are so fresh, oozing so much quality you will be overcome with the depth of emotion he can convey. A voice so smooth you’ll want to bathe in it for hours.

Photo by Peter Selway

Photo by Peter Selway

The video is simply Matt sat playing the song at a piano and singing it with a conviction and force that could easily move mountains. Move planets, even! It is beautifully shot with a nice focus on that gorgeous piano intro where you are able to watch his hands move through the chords in a way that makes you really feel them within yourself as opposed to just passively hear them. Then the focus shifts to his highly emotive singing as the song progresses and again, you truly feel every single break of the heart. 

No wonder Even If It’s a Lie has already garnered some airplay on XFM and been shortlisted for play on Amazing Radio. It can’t be long before BBC 6Music experience its splendour and get it on their airwaves too. If not then I need to go down there personally and make them play it. Not that it would come to that if they just hit play that one time. The song, the music, Matt himself are so mesmerising that is what makes you want to hit that repeat button. Just 19 years old and producing music like this, packing the kind of emotional punch equal to that of any veteran heavyweight. With invitations to play at the legendary Ronnie Scott’s, opening for Lauren Aquilina and more recently Tom Williams it will not be long before he’s headlining his own gigs if this song is anything to go by.

Make sure you buy your copy of the single RIGHT NOW please! It is available from iTunes and Spotify. If you are in or near London on 30th April get the complete live experience as Matt plays at Bedroom Bar in Soho. This is precisely why I need to be living in the Capitol!


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