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April 26, 2015 by Robb Powell

dunx 1DUNX (a.k.a James Duncan Byiers) is an English singer-songwriter, based in Hertfordshire, UK. With a background in the underground London music scene, writing and performing his own original material. Dunx has worked live with/provided recording work for Artists such as Johnny Marr, Ruby Turner, Marcus Vere, Snake Davis, Michael J McEvoy, Emma Stevens, David Grant, Rick Parnell, JJ Bell, Gary Grainger, Jas Lochrie, Jimmy Copley, Nicky Graham, Mica Paris, Martin Brady,-( ‘Men on Fire‘)-& Fender Europe, Richard Young, Susan Devita, & Producers Joe Mardin, John Porter.

His voice has also been featured in Nickelodeon‘s ‘Summer in Transylvania‘ show.

Duncan describes his songwriting as;

urrrmm…. Eclectic ?….

dunx 2“Each song, either mine or covered, needs to have something in it that can be personally meaningful to lots of people and which hopefully has a recognisable heart that gently oozes, or shouts out the emotion I’m feeling at the time I’m writing or performing it”.

Gotta love the ooze ! Lol !

(Analyze that !).”

A bit like Marmite.
I like Marmite
I love voices the most.
“It is so very rare that a voice truly connects with me in a biological & chemical way. It must be cherished.”.

Duncan was honoured to perform with the magical Emma Stevens during her BBC Children in Need 24hr Buskathon. Emma gave kind permission for Duncan to cover her song ‘How to write a Love song‘ receiving an exciting personal review from Emma and Pete Woodroffe.

Legendary Judie Tzuke ageed with Dunx for him to record and publish his alternative stylising cover version of ‘Stay with me till Dawn‘.

SaneDunx has recently worked alongside Otha Smith (The Temptations & Brother Strut) at JAGS Ascot for a MOTOWN show with Chuck Chandler & the Go-Go Five & is working with Ivan Chandler (Motown publishing & Musicalities ), for further shows. Live musical collaboration with Star Wars & Fifth Element Actor & Musician Jerome Blake.

‘Be true to that which you care most about
& Always Hoot your Heart out ! “

…and so we shall as he joins #‎Bluesfromtheherts‬.

SANE Mental Health Charity

Website at

Words by James Kirby –

guitar 6


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