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April 20, 2015 by Robb Powell

rebecca maddenThere is a sound, a sound that goes so without words to adequately describe its dynamic and impact that there is no true short way to present it in writing. Even the comparison from this musician to the others before her can be vague as her range, style and creativity with words and music goes beyond the pre – assumed genres we all know today.

At a push of description, one could say she is the perfect transition of Joan Armatrading and Taylor Swift, with the power and passion of Beth Hart‘s Blues/Soul vocals. Others could simply say that she has the ability to match one of the State’s finest songwriting talents: Jackson Browne

But, to her audience, there is no more a fitting description than “she is Rebecca Madden!”

Rebecca Madden‘s musical career spans the vastness of performing on street corners, cafes, pubs, bars, private functions and festivals from Hertfordshire to London and even to the high rolling hills of Scotland. Which displays her breadth and versatility of musicianship as well as ability to adapt to each venue’s needs.

SaneHer sound varies with astonishing control from warmth and depth to bright and rich highs, but there is more to her music than just auditory pleasure. It holds an almost tactile property. Many listeners have expressed an overwhelming physical as well as emotional sensation in response to Rebecca Madden’s performances. The feeling of the words sung creeping over them, blanketing them and pulling them in towards the hypnotic beauty of her world.

The music she creates has also been known to break and add upon many individual’s preferences of genre. Thus opening people’s eyes to worlds beyond their own. So, there is no specific background of music that one could recommend people to in order to discover her. Her audience is limitless. Rebecca Madden provides the cultures of music something to share, something to be adored and something that goes without saying… something that deserves to be heard.

And so, though I introduce her to you now for the #‎Bluesfromtheherts‬ project, I warmly welcome back Rebecca Madden, supporting myself as she once had before for SANE Mental Health Charity back in 2013.

Website at

Words by James Kirby –

blues from herts 1


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