April 19, 2015 by Robb Powell

I had intended to post this kind of page on a more regular basis but you know how it is. And some of you may know me by now, procrastination will oft smite any scheduling plans. If not procrastination then a whole heap of other stuff going on that sucks up free time from our very grasp like bees do the nectar in summer time. Anyway, as with the previous Soundcloud Sunday this will (eventually) be waffle-free so you can just hit play and get all this amazing music in those ears, minds and whatevers.




You might be wondering why there’s a YouTube video to kick things off. Well, the fact of the matter is you MUST listen to Joe Reece’s latest drum cover and I wanted to share it so that you do. Nuff said, really. It is another superb offering from the young talented drummer so if you haven’t subscribed to his page yet you know what you need to do next please! Or else there may be slappings coming your way from yours truly.


Also MUST note the two recent live gigs I went to. Young Kato in Brighton first off which blew me clean away! Tommy Wright‘s vocals soar beyond the scale of brilliance, the music from the 6-piece band from Cheltenham sounds cast-iron tight and the whole experience was pure quality! I really can’t wait for the debut album Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow and seriously need to repeat this live experience SOON!!


Then Blind Guardian in London was something beyond this world! I think all in attendance actually stepped Beyond The Red Mirror into another reality during the epic opening song The Ninth Wave. And when they played Nightfall third song in I really did find myself in ancient Middle Earth among the hosts of the Noldor as they began their quest for vengeance for the death of the Trees and theft of the beloved coveted Silmarills.

I’ve listened to the song about a million times since Sunday night and I am still hearing the entire audience bellowing the chorus back to the band each time. Goosebumps galore. This was a transcendental experience I will never forget and I need it to reoccur sooner rather than later. Come back to the UK please Blind Guardian and let’s go back Beyond The Red Mirror.



It feels like an absolute Age since I featured this awesome band on the blog (way back in July last year >>here<<) so getting my ass into gear I’m sharing the Soundcloud stream of their fantastic debut album Drop Everything, below. In addition to this I will be playing opening track Gunslingers on podcast #40 (click >>hither<<). What can I say other than command you DROP EVERYTHING right this instant and not only hit play to soak up the musical brilliance of these gallant Governors but get yourself parting with a bit of dosh to purchase the album.






Hope you’ve enjoyed the selection this week. Next post will be another from Jim Kirby of the musicians featuring on the Blues From The Herts project. Then podcast #40 will be online at mixcloud imminently too. Expect podcasts #26 & #36 to also be blogged soon. In addition to this I will be writing a brand new blog too. When, you ask? Quite possibly during the early hours of morning when I’m in dire need of my beauty sleep. Ok, drop the beauty – just sleep. Peace, all!


Ooh – just when you thought you’d got rid of me for a bit. I MUST share the new single from Officer Released for download 27th April. This is from forthcoming debut album Myriads. Enjoy!


One thought on “SOUNDCLOUD SUNDAY #2

  1. […] did share this outstanding album on Soundcloud Sunday #2 but quite frankly, it is a MUST BUY for you so I think those of you who did not Drop Everything […]

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