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March 29, 2015 by Robb Powell

Picture by James Kirby

Picture by James Kirby

So, in complete contrast to the orchestral and delicate yet still at times very forceful acoustic nature of The Unthanks live, I also went on to see Royal Blood on their current tour a few nights after. Loud does not even come close and OMG do those two boys rock! Yes, just two of them. It is baffling! I was looking like a hawk for some kind of techno wizardry but again it is just them two creating it then and there. On the spot. It was an outstanding performance from them but I must admit I did feel like I needed new eardrums for the following few days. The way Royal Blood royal bloodhas been taken up by Radio 1, I urge you to get along to a live show ASAP or else risk only ever getting to see them in huge arenas. I don’t begrudge them this of course but the more intimate show even with such a huge and colossal sound as this is still the best way to enjoy live music. At least it is in my personal opinion. I then switched to another acoustic artist by way of the incredible Gretchen Peters at Birmingham Town Hall. And WOW! I think I actually had goosebumps throughout the entire show. Someone even proposed to their partner at the end of the first half. That is a first. Thinking back I’m surprised it is a first given how many gigs I’ve attended. 

radio kcAnywho, time to crack on with blogging series 2 of the podcasts. I will be sharing #35 soon too so thought why not tie them up closely together seeing as I’m now on #25 as well. #39 is in full progress so that should also be up on mixcloud soon as well as the shows getting their fortnightly play on Radio Kaos Caribou. Click >>here<< to go to RKC for a truly wonderful diverse mix of international music spanning multiple genres. 

Recorded Sat/Sun 15/16th March 2014. Put your feet up & get this playlist in those ears.

wild beastsFresh from stunning new album (at the time) Present Tense, Wild Beasts open & close the podcast with their unique ethereal vibe. A classic from Editors‘ second album makes way for Manchester’s The Slow Readers Club with their superb song One Chance. Then it’s the 2nd single (released last Aug) from the brilliant Bloodflower, a delightful song from Jesse Will, featuring Lucy Kitt before Richie Ashwin blows us away as we hold our breath.

(Kind of) new feature The Demo Tapes plays 3 top tunes from 3 different acts, wonderful duo Sugar Magnolia then excellent young bands Southpaw & Rivulet. In folk corner you’ll find enchantment from the vocal & musical beauty of Emily Smith.

Song 8 of 10 from Tom McRae is a live version of 4th album, King of CardsOne Mississippi & Classics Corner comes from one of my fave bands ever, the Levellers.


1. Mecca – Wild Beasts

2. The Racing Rats – Editors

3. One Chance – The Slow Readers Club

4. Horizon – Bloodflower

5. Nothing I Gain – Jesse Will ft. Lucy Kit

6. Hold Your Breath – Richie Ashwin

7. Fire – Sugar Magnolia

8. Stitches – Southpaw*

9. Bridges – Rivulet**

10. King Orfeo – Emily Smith

11. One Mississippi (live) – Tom McRae

12. Four Winds – Levellers

13. Palace – Wild Beasts



Very excited about the new album Cavalcade, coming from these marvellous Manchester guys. Here’s the first new single from the album, out Monday 30th March. 




Here’s Jesse Will with an incredible cover of a Taylor Swift song for Reload Sessions. This even got the approval of Taylor, herself. 



This guy is so full of talent I couldn’t not share another one of his amazing songs here.


Southpaw have not ceased to function, they have merely changed their name to Going Away Party. Lots of giggage been going on it looks like and there will be an album to come so keep yourselves posted by liking the Facebook page >>here<<. What’s more, they have a glorious EP you can download right now!


It is a crime this band are no more because they sounded so damn good! Alas such is the way things go. You can and should subscribe to drummer Joe Reece‘s YouTube page though. Right now, in fact, go on. A new drum cover is being filmed this very day but here’s the last one for now, it is Mark Ronson‘s Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars.

10 FROM TOM #8


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