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February 28, 2015 by Robb Powell

While I’m on a roll I may as well keep going. From series 2, here is podcast #24 for your listening pleasure. Hit play and enjoy the usual fine mix of genre-spanning tunes. Opening with the stunning Mountains in Hurricanes from the hugely talented Mr Josh Savage who incidentally has just released his latest single Bella which I blogged recently and which is on the playlist for podcast #37 coming to Mixcloud very shortly. Josh is currently trecking around the US touring as he goes. The US is damn lucky!


1. Mountains in Hurricanes – Josh Savage
2. Crows – Ant Savage
3. Cupboards Painted Red – Puppet Rebellion
4. Green Eyed Monster – Puppet Rebellion
5. From the Lowlands – Tom McRae
6. The Eldar – Blind Guardian
7. SnØ – Silje Leirvik
8. Revelation Blues – Bap Kennedy
9. Unfinished Melody – Aidan Logan
10. Carol Ann – Kenneth J Nash
11. Bláþráður – Sigur Ros



Other updates of import for this playlist include, a new frontman for Puppet Rebellion following the departure of Simon Monaghan and a new single out called Watch Me Fall. In spite of such a change the band are cracking on with making tremendous sounds evident from the new tunes and they sound as tight and perfect as ever. Check out Watch Me Fall above and Claim To Fame, below.

10 FROM TOM #7

Tom tweeted recently about having got a final mix of songs completed for his next album but for us not to expect it just yet. Just the news there’s a new record on its way fills me with pure joy and excitement because it means when it does get its release there will be some live dates to follow, I expect. It’s been way too long. Okay, 2012 wasn’t a million years ago but when musicians are this good, it can feel like a lifetime.


The song The Eldar, on this playlist, is a gentler one from the concept album Nightfall in Middle Earth but Blind Guardian recently released brand new album Beyond the Red Mirror and it is an absolute belter. My excitement levels begin to peek as the live gig in London gets nearer.


The song SnØ sung entirely in Norwegian is quite possibly one of my favourite songs of ALL time. Ever! Beautiful music from a beautiful voice.


Hearing Unfinished Melody by Aidan Logan made me realise just how much I’ve missed hearing his music. Something I need to rectify urgently. And I will do. Just so busy naturally with so much music coming my way and not all I can even get to, sadly.


I’ve really enjoyed featuring songs from Kenneth J Nash on a few consecutive podcasts recently so it is fitting that way back last year I played Carol Ann from the album The Fall of Eden. A beautiful and moving song. Remembering it live gives me goosebumps. I need more of this.


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