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February 22, 2015 by Robb Powell

Every now and then you have to sit back and hear something new. Shut your eyes and forget what you know in order to start afresh with a clean slate. You’d be surprised what you can find.
daz english 2And so let me bring something new to your ears. Daz English. Former military, musical maestro and just genuinely nice chap! (Ladies his links are to follow) ;-D
Though the above sounds more like a dating profile than an introduction of a review, I cannot stress enough the importance of one’s character when it comes to musicians. When the personality is as equally as sublime to their work.
From the heart of Cardiff comes a man with talent, passion and dedication to music. Daz English has (within a very short amount of time) amassed a following for what he does who are equally as supportive of his work as he is with providing his top levels of artistic expression and entertainment. Be it from the hard, cold hours of busking or the warmth of pubs, bars or clubs. 
Daz is forever refining his art.
daz english 1

Picture by James Kirby

A huge attraction to Daz English‘s music is the meticulous attention to detail. Multi layered composition is his forté.  Give the man a loop pedal and he will play you a symphony! His instrumentals are loaded with dynamic and feeling. He is, in my eyes, a composer rather than your average sing-n-strummer. So please click the links, shut your eyes and find something new. And if you want to book Mr. English… well you have to book in advance as he tends to have  a rather full calendar. 
Words by James Kirby

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