A TRIO OF TREATS: A new single, a new video & a new drum cover.

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February 5, 2015 by Robb Powell



There is somewhat more of a pop vibe to the latest single, Bella, from Winchester’s Josh Savage and this is by no means a bad thing. If anything Josh proves just how this should be done right because as usual he has produced something magnificent. With his distinct and eloquent vocals he sings us quite the delicate song about this Bella girl, matching it with an infectious beat layered with hooks that never fail to reel you in. There are some gorgeous touches mixed into the sound and it would be a crime if this track doesn’t get picked up for some radio airplay soon.

While the B-side, The Boatmaker is perhaps something more akin to what has come before there is certainly progression and a newness to this beautiful tune as well. It’s like the new dimensions offered by Bella have seeped into what might be referred to as the traditional parts of Josh’s sound and it creates something quite spectacular to be honest. There is a real yearning in the vocals on this song. You can feel every step of emotion as if it belonged to you. This has real class! Go buy it NOW!

The single is also available from iTunes >>here<<.





As he inches closer and closer to the release of his album Modern Attitudes, Stevie Ray Latham reminds us just why we cannot wait for the record by releasing a video for the title track which was released as a single last year. I need this album NOW please!





What a fantastic choice this was for Joe Reece‘s first drum cover and what an exceptional job he makes of it! I was out of breath come the end, focusing in on exactly what he was doing throughout. That is the beauty of this approach he is taking with his channel regards the covers here, in my opinion. At gigs drummers are too often out of sight so although you can still fully appreciate the importance of their place within a band you rarely get to properly see exactly what colossal force they actually put into and bring to a song. 

Here, you can watch, follow and indeed feel every single stroke, hence why I was so out of breath by the end. Make sure you share this, subscribe to the channel and also watch the first episode of Beyond The Drums too. This is great stuff and I’m excited to see what Joe does with the next one. One thing is clear – this guy was born to drum! @JoeReeceDrums



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