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January 11, 2015 by Robb Powell

ariff ab

By James Kirby

Within my travels of London “town.” I’ve met many artists and played a great deal of venues (before the latest reboot of my stuff anyway…) But one memory stays with me, it was such a simple moment but in the days that continue to follow I watch this artist grow more and more.

I was playing a slot in Camden, at Bar vinyl, and was awaiting the previous act to sort their equipment before departing the stage. I was in no particular hurry and went out for a cigarette.

I began talking to one of the most polite people I have ever met! A musician who had travelled from Malaysia to London to spread his new album “Transmission.” An incredible feat (in my opinion).

The guy had no ego, was very humble and listened to every artist lyric by lyric. I played and hung around to hear him and left buying two copies of his album on the way out.

A week passed and we found ourselves sharing the stage again. I spoke with him to discover more of his journey.

Ariff A B started out just as everyone else. Born, schooled and moving on to further education whilst working in between. Took up guitar as a hobby and wrote lyrics too, just for fun… found he could sing unintentionally and began to mix with musicians playing at open mic nights.

No 2 year plan to be famous, no avoidance of work to “be somebody” and no delusions of his worth.

But as he played people listened and a song got some radio play in KL, Malaysia.

From this he came to be in popular demand! He developed an understanding of the music business and became his own management team.

So from humble beginnings to present day high is his own self-made success. But to fans, friends and family he states “I’m no different from anyone. I do what I do But I’m no more special than the rest of the world. It’s just my passion and business that makes me SEEM different, but I just like making people happy.”

In the last year he has toured his homeland, toured London and also areas of Australia. His radio play grows daily as well as featuring on TV as both a musician and a local personality.

His skills and talent are all there but for once I am not going to assess his music. That is for the audience to do. The point of this article is this musician’s personality. The gentleman artist from overseas. The man who has made his own way and been respectful to everyone on his self-made path.

This article is in appreciation to the man behind the strings. The man I deem one of the true “people’s musicians.”

Ariff A B

Follow on Twitter @ariffab14

Words by James Kirby

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